A daily walk for a healthy life

We often find celebrities posing in the photograph in which they are jogging and stretching, this shows the popularity of walking as a fitness activity is growing day by day. According to a research study, regular walking has numerous benefits such as it lowers incidents of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and other similar disease. People who walk daily for 30 minutes are at low risk of premature death.

Regular walking program has numerous benefits such as:

• Reduces blood cholesterol- Walking is a simple and easy way of work out, it keeps your heart and lungs in good conditions. Walking also reduces the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises the level of good cholesterol (HDL).
• Lower blood pressure- Blood pressure is easily controllable with walking.

• Burns calories and control weight- Walking also helps you to burn your body fats, to keep your weight under control.

• Boost bone strength- Walking increases the strength and density of bone, especially the one in the hips and lower back.

• Keeps your brain young- Walking can also keep your brain performance at its best, by reducing the chances of ageing related issues.

• Walk for a better sexual health- walking boosts the circulation of blood in the body, thus cuts down the risk of impotence.

Taking up walking as a daily exercise can be a great mood lifter. Walking is the easiest form of exercise that requires no expensive equipments apart from a good pair of shoes. Walking can be done practically in any weather, any age, and anywhere.

Before starting with your walking exercise, begin it with some simple warm up and body stretching. Walking majorly includes the stretching of your lower muscles of legs, make sure to stretch your arms, back, and shoulders muscles also. This will loosen up all your tension that you may carrying and make your walk more enjoyable.

Walking is the simplest, easiest and the safest activity to stay healthy. As a beginner it is always sensible, to limit how fast and how far you walk. Limit your distance and speed and then increase it gradually. Do not instantly speed up and start running or jogging, initially walk at a comfortable speed. While you are walking swing your arms sideways and concentrate on breathing. Avoid climbing hills if you can’t catch your breath and slow down your speed. Try to communicate while walking and slow down if you are not able to make the conversation, it means you are walking too fast.

Additional walking tips:

• It is important to have nice walking shoes.
• Keep your body posture straight and look ahead.
• Breathe deeply but naturally as you are walking.
• Listen to some music while you are walking to keep yourself energize.

A Daily Workout Plan for Couples to Develop a Stronger Bond

The best way to stay fit and take care of you and your partner is by having a proper fitness regime that includes a proper diet, enough rest and regular exercising. It is definitely good for you to stick to a particular routine, but it will be more fun and enjoyable if you exercise with your partner. As a couple you get to spend some quality time with your partner while you are doing the exercise together.

Even though two of you might be at different fitness levels and have different goals, but thus dose not means that you can’t exercise together. There plenty of reason such as your partner’s safety, give you a quality time to spend with your partner, you also develop a common interest, become a motivation and support for a partner, develop a deeper bonding, gain more respect about your partner and feeling proud about your relationship, this will all together help you develop a balanced relationship.

Check out the various benefits of working out with your partner.

1. To get started, enroll yourself in a class that offers exercise for couples. A Salsa Dancing Class can be a good choice, but if either of you is not willing to dance, then you can consider other options such as yoga, swimming, 5K tanning, trekking, gym, etc.

2. Do cardio exercise that offers you and your partner to perform exercise of different fitness levels. Exercises such as indoor cycling, treadmill, etc. that allows a person to do exercise according to his fitness level easy, moderate or intense.

3. Do your cardio exercise side by side with each other. Pick two workout machines placed next to each other so that you can work together while working separately to reach your goals at you own pace.
4. Do all you’re stretching’s together so that you will get a chance to work-out together and will also benefit you and your partner fitness-wise. Giving a slight push or a gentle tug to your partner during stretching can help him improve his/her flexibility.

5. Being in variations to your exercising forms, try to fit into your partner exercising routine if you can plan one for yourself.

6. Below mentioned is the proper exercising routine for couples.

7. All the exercises that you must include to your daily exercising routine must include the individuals’ needs, goals and comfort level of you and your partner.

8. Every time before beginning with your exercising routine it is important to do our warm-up for at least 5 minutes. Do not forget to cool down after your exercising routine.

Read to find the list of daily exercises that can be performed by you and your partner. Repeat at least 4-5 sets of each form of workout mentioned below. It is important for you and your partner to work at a level that suits both of you.

• Squats (Barbell Pullover, Full Squat, Chin Ups, Dips, and Decline Bench Sit Ups)
• Quad Stretch (Standing Quadricep, Sidelying Quadricep, Prone Quadricep and Advanced Quadricep)
• Lunges (Walking Lunges, Forward Lunges and Modified Lunges)
• Dips (Dips with Knees Bent and Dips With Straight Legs)
• Back Extension
• Hamstring Stretch
• Torso Stretch
• Crunches (Bicycle Crunches and Crunches with Twist)
• Shoulder and Biceps Stretch
• Triceps Stretch
• Planks (Simple Planking and Modified Planking)
• Bridge-Ups or Bridges or Reverse Planks
• Outer Thigh and Gluteal Stretches

Exercising in general also leads you towards increasing your stamina, strength and self-image.  However, exercising dose not only means lifting weight, going to the gym or doing countless crunches. As a couple you can also find it as a mutual interest and expand on it. Exercising for couples will not only improve their physical fitness and but its flexibility will also be improve and it develop you as not just a romantic couple but a healthier couple too.