Alcohol provoke unprotected Intercourse

Science has confirmed a latest study that says “drinking alcohol encourages unsafe sex”. Consumption of alcohol increases a person’s chances to have unsafe sex. According to a Canadian scientist, it is stated that drunkenness and unwise choice always go hand in hand; when a person is under the influence of alcohol. This analyze was carried through 12 experiments, where people where randomly chooses and assigned to drink and not to drink alcohol. Later they were questioned about their eagerness to have sex with or without using condom. According to this research it was found that the more the person is drunk, the worst decision he took. Most drunken men preferred to have unprotected sex.

Indulging into unsafe sex is one of the major causes of increasing rate of HIV and AIDS. It is scientifically proven that alcohol encourages a person to indulge into unsafe sex. The result concludes that the majority of drunken men develop their desire to indulge into unsafe sex. It can be also said as consumption of alcohol badly affects a person’s decision making ability. Under the influence of alcohol the person becomes incapable of taking right decision.

Overconsumption of alcohol overpowers once decision making ability and forces him to have unsafe sexual activities. The more you consume alcohol, higher are their willingness to engage into unprotected sex. Scientist involved in this research explains, “Alcohol influences the decision process of a person”.

This is a major finding that has been recently published in a journal, alcohol not only provokes you to involve into unprotected sex but it also has other alcohol-related injuries. Individual should consume alcohol, by considering all the risk factors related to common alcohol related injuries and sexually transmitted disease. HIV and AIDS are deadly sexually transmitted disease caused due to various factors, including unsafe sex. Now that it is confirmed that alcohol provokes a person to have unprotected sex, it is safe to consume it in an adequate amount.

After studying the research, most of the men who were involved into heavy drinking can now trigger sexually transmitted disease by controlling their drinking habits. Even though it is not easy to ask a person to quit smoking, but we can definitely increase the awareness about the causes and prevention measures related to unprotected sex. HIV and AIDS prevention programs should also include this research study, and hope that in this festive season people will reduce the consumption of alcohol and limit the spread of various sexually transmitted diseases.

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