Apcalis Jelly: The Perfect Way to Get the Men Power

Apcalis Jelly is a common generic medicine which is used by the men who have the Erectile Dysfunction problem. It has been noted that this jelly has proven to be of extreme help to the men who want the treatment for the erectile dysfunction. This problem is also called male impotency. A lot of men all over the world have complained of this sexual disorder. The men who have this issue face difficulty in getting the penile erection. This is the reason why they are not able to have a good and satisfying sexual life.

The erectile dysfunction issue is experienced when the blood flow to the male genitals is reduced. To increase the flow of the blood, and to get the erection the men desire, the Apcalis Jelly can be consumed. For such treatments pills are also available. However, there are a lot of men that are averse to pills and prefer to consume the medicine in the form of the jelly. This is the reason why this medicine is better for them. Once you put the jelly in your mouth under the tongue it will begin to melt and then start showing the effect in some time.

Majority of the men who are not able to feel the erection in the genitals often tend to get frustrated and eventually depressed. This disorder is experienced even by men who are quite well aroused or stimulated sexually. The frustration and depression caused by the inability to have proper sexual intercourse causes many health issues. As the stress builds up, it starts impacting every facet of life. Besides the personal life, professional life also gets disturbed. It can also cause tension between the partners as both of them remain sexually unsatisfied. But, all of this is taken care of by the men who consume Apcalis Jelly.

Tadalafil is the main component of this jelly. It is a very well known ingredient that not only helps get erection but also maintains it. It is only a palliative medicine and thus only works after consumption. It does not treat the sexual disorder permanently. Apcalis Jelly is also approved by FDA. So, it is safe to use.

There are many things in the body that help the men get the penile erection they desire. However, there are a few things that also prevent the erection from happening. To understand the working mechanism of Apcalis Jelly, we will take a look at both the things.

  • To understand erection, let us know a bit about the enzymes in the body. One enzyme that helps in the genital erection is called cGMP. It is a very important enzyme whose functioning is affected in the men who have ED problem.
  • Cyclic GMP or cGMP is the enzyme which becomes active in the normal men upon sexual stimulation. During this time, cGMP quickly starts to work along with Nitric Oxide. Both these chemicals actually combine with each other and make sure that the penile muscles are relaxed.
  • For the blood flow to be proper, the muscles need to be relaxed. The relaxed muscles dilate the veins and arteries and allow more blood to flow through them. When the flow of blood gets increased, the genital erection happens.
  • The problem is that the men who are suffering from the ED sexual disorder do not receive good blood supply to the reproductive organ. This is because there is another enzyme in the body called PDE-5 which restrains cGMP from working normally the way it should. So, cGMP and NO do not work together and there is no muscle relaxation and blood vessel dilation. Thus, no erection as well.
  • To prevent PDE-5 from stopping cGMP, an inhibitor is required. Apcalis Jelly contains Tadalafil which is a highly effective PDE-5 inhibitor. It suppresses PDE-5 enzyme and thus allows cGMP to work normally.
  • When cGMP is working properly the blood supply to the reproductive organ is restore and thus men are able to get the virility back.

The 20mg recommended dose of Apcalis Jelly comes in the sachets. It is easy to carry and use.

  • Tadalafil may take up to 40 minutes to show its potential. This is the reason why it is recommended that men must consume this medicine 60 minutes before the intercourse.
  • Apcalis Jelly is an oral medicine. But you do not need to take it water as it melts in the mouth all by itself.
  • Men who are consuming the jelly must not swallow it instantly. Men should let the jelly melt in the mouth. This way it shows quicker results.
  • Only one dose of 20mg should be taken at any given time. Apcalis Jelly may remain effective for as long as 24 hours.
  • This medicine should only be consumed by men who have the average health and are not older than 50.
  • Older men must take advice from the doctor first before consuming this medicine.
  • Apcalis Jelly should not be consumed if there are any existing medical conditions. Especially the men suffering from any cardiac, liver, or renal diseases should not consume the medicine unless the doctor has approved it.
  • Tadalafil may interact with the components of the other medicines. Hence, it must not be taken by men who are already on any particular medication. Always speak to the doctor first in this case.
  • The consumption of nitrate has to be definitely avoided with Apcalis Jelly as it may cause some really serious medical issues. No food item, including grapefruit, containing nitrate should be consumed.
  • If you are already using any other PDE-5 inhibitor, do not consume this medicine.
  • Do not take the medicine along with fatty food or alcohol.