Be Full of Life with Simple Exercises

The best form of activity for the body that keeps it fit and fine is exercising. Muscles exerted during the body movement give strength and power to the body. All should definitely incorporate physical activity in daily regime. Exercise strengthens person’s mental and bodily potency. According to the studies, the habit of exercising daily keeps diseases also away. People do not fall under the trap of sedentary lifestyle also. Likewise, exercise enforces many other benefits upon body.

Many have the mentality that for exercising one needs to go to the gym only. However, the truth is exercise can be done at home also. Why to spend money on gym when at home the same thing can be followed. If think of exercise as a routine, then nothing can stop you from following it regularly. Think about all the pluses of exercise as those points will propel you to do physical workout daily.

There are plenty of physical workouts that can be performed at home easily. Some of them are discussed below. Take them seriously.


Walking is the easiest exercise form that can be executed anywhere. Walking maintains the entire body system in a well manner. Taking a walk of 30 minutes every day is sufficient to be fit and healthy. But it should be a brisk walk.


As far as jogging is considered, it is better than walking. It shakes the entire body within few minutes only which leads to healthy growth of the body. If you a beginner and just starting an exercise routine, best way is to start with fast walking. Gradually after the increase of stamina, starts jogging. 30 minutes jogging daily is sufficient for the body.


Abdominal exercises are one amongst best exercises. One of the best abdominal exercises is crunches. Performing it is little strenuous, but with practice everything starts looking normal. Crunches tone up the abdominal muscles with complete efficiency. They are done like this- lie down on the floor on your back. Knees should be bent and feet should fall on the floor flatly. Hands should be behind the head or folded across the chest. After this much is done, the really crunching starts. Lift the shoulders and chest up, while the lower back should be pushed towards the floor. Be in this situation for as long as you can. Then come back to the normal position. This process should be repeated daily at least ten times.

These are few simple forms of exercise. Be serious about your build and health, and perform any one or all of these exercises daily. They keep you active and full of life.

Four Important Steps of Meditation

Meditation is an art. There are steps for learning it. Meditation is a spiritual practice performed for calming mind and strengthening body. It is also a type of exercise. It is good to meditate daily for at least 30 minutes. Its aftereffects are very soothing. People who meditate every day have strong mental power. Such people are very dedicated towards work and take things seriously and practically.

Meditation gives chance to spend some time with yourself, which is very essential. In today’s busy schedule no one has time for him or her. However, if you practice meditation, you will get time to spend some time with you. Beginners have this question in mind how to meditate. Actually it is hard in starting to concentrate, but everyday’s hard work will surely bring desired results in front.

Meditation tips for beginners are cited underneath. They are really helpful for beginners. People start like this only.

1) Meditation cannot be done anywhere. A fix, quiet, calm and cool place is required for it. Hence, first of all, look for such place. As you find the place needed for meditation, sit there with crossed legs. Get familiar with the ambience of the place then only you can concentrate. People having problem to sit on the ground can sit on chair also. What is more important in meditation is to learn the art than to focus on sitting pattern.

2) Breathing control is very significant part of meditation. Deep breathing is required in meditation. For the first 10 breaths inhalation should be done from nose and exhalation from mouth. Then, both inhalation and exhalation should be done from nose. Take as long breaths as you can. But, do not force your body. This is called breathing procedure.

3) Thoughts distraction in the beginning is common. Do not be discouraged with it. Keep fighting against your thoughts and try to discard them from mind. Keep bringing mind on the track. Surely in few days you will get success in what you want to achieve. You will be able to focus on any one point. This feeling is much inebriating.

4) At the end of meditation session, open your eyes gently. Before opening eyes rub hands and cover face. Slowly open eyes. Stretch hands upwards and bend forward so that your forehead can touch the ground. This is the correct method of doing meditation.

All the four steps are must to be done carefully. Do not leave any step.