Benefits of fish oil in arthritis

Arthritis is a very common disease founded now. Basic meaning of arthritis is understood by the joint pain diseases. Arthritis an upcoming major disease, it can be happened at any age, can be seen not only in older people but also in children; mostly females also suffered from this pain.

As the routine and diet is changing day by day. Busy schedule skips healthy diet, exercises, running and a proper good night sleep which is must to relax your mind and body; all are these skipping which slowly inviting diseases. Thus, these diseases are widely spreading among all of us.

Symptoms which are seen in the beginning of arthritis include pain, swelling, stiffness in joints of the body. These symptoms can be mild, severe or medium pain in joints; can be come out and go at any time i.e. pain can occur at any time. This makes you difficulty in walking, climbing stairs; the person is not able to perform their daily activities smoothly or quickly. As the time passes, day by day the arthritis becomes more dangerous for health. You can cause permanent joint pains which may be visible after few years. Thus, try to judge the joints pain so that they must not reach to the arthritis. Arthritis is of different types and can cause damage in joints, kidney, heart, skin, lungs, eyes etc.

This disease is a slow poison for the bones of the body. It slowly damages the strength of the joints in your body; necessary to cure this by time. As the treatments are available but severe pain is not tolerable. So to get the relief you must know what helps you out? This article acknowledges you about FISH OIL benefits for arthritis patients.

Fish oil is a great source of OMEGA3 Fatty Acids. It contains EPA (EicosaPentaenoic Acid) and DHA (DocosaHexaenoic Acid). It helps to reduce inflammation which may cause swelling and pain. It is a good remedy for arthritis and prevents heart attacks and strokes as well. But have a notice about its right and proper dosage. Arthritis becomes more disastrous when it generates severe pain in joints. If you are fed up and tired to have other medicines then you can switch to fish oil. It is a natural process which helps to treat the arthritis effectively.

Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties which effectively plays an important role of relieving the pain. As such qualities which fish oil holds thus, fish oil is recommended for the arthritis patients. Omega 3 is also helps in reducing the cytokine level in the body. Cytokine is a type of protein; in rheumatoid arthritis patients suffer from production of cytokines which becomes high in the body. Here, to slow down the production of the cytokine in the body omega 3 work for it.

According to studies, our body use the DHA which is present in fish oil so that D2 can be resolved. The D2 is a compound which shows the anti-inflammatory activities. This compound has the capability to reduce the arthritis pains i.e. joint pain. Through the study it is quite clear that our body consume fish oil and all these components helps to get relieved.

Omega 3 is best for rheumatoid arthritis. It is found that proper dosage will improve the condition. Further, it will make the joints less tender and also reduce the stiffness as they are used to be earlier. Drastic improvements can be seen in arthritis patients by omega 3 only.

In a study, there is a report about recovery in 3 months, reports states less swelling, joint pains, tenderness and stiffness. In some other study, those who suffered by osteoarthritis, were treated by the dosage of fish oil only and with the combined dosage of EPA and DHA which is present itself in fish oil; decrease all sufferings of pain and stiffness. Hence, the usage of fish oil is really effective indeed.

Benefits are there but one must know how to use it. Proper dosage will give you best results. Fishes which are rich in source of omega 3 are tuna, salmon, sardines. Thus, it includes minimum two servings of these oily fishes in every week which is equivalent to 3.5 oz of cooked fish. These fishes contains adequate amount of omega 3.

If your diet contains sufficient amount of omega 3s, then it will improve the status of rheumatoid arthritis and also it reduces the chances of the arthritis too. Those who are not comfortable in eating fish can opt for the other supplements. In other supplements you can have capsules, fish oil; they both are preferable for arthritis pain.

Amount of omega 3s i.e. both DHA and EPA is adequate in capsules which are taken regularly for 2 or 3 months so that improvement must be visible after some time. For the relief from pain, you can intake the capsules of omega 3s- 1000mg, twice a day. But it is better that you must recommend to your doctor first before consuming any supplements.

Buying a good quality of fish oil supplements is a good sign of relief from arthritis pain and health too. A good pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements is the best choice to opt as they contain maximum amount of omega 3 fatty acids and also most of them include molecular distillation which removes all contamination. It is an extensive purification which removes mercury and other contamination also. In other hand low quality supplements are different. Good quality supplement ensures safety, purity, quality in each term. They must be pharmaceutical graded brand.

In total, it can be said that fish oil is a natural remedy for arthritis which ameliorates the condition. Helps in many ways reduce medications and have minimum side effects; must concern the doctor also after that you can add it in your diet.