Benefits of Yoga and Vitamin E

Yoga is the system of exercises helps to control body and mind, precisely yoga helps to freshen up and alleviates your body. When we look in past, we found Yoga is a proficient way to make your body and soul peaceful. There are lots of asana which ameliorates the mind and body. At present, yoga is found as the backbone to treat kinds of diseases. It is a positive track for those who are suffering from severe health conditions like cancer. Cancer are of many kind such as lung cancer, bone cancer, blood cancers etc; but breast cancer is commonly found in number of women. As per records, 1 woman out of eight is impacted with breast cancer. It is spreading in speed and can found at 20 yrs to 50 or 60 yrs age of women. If not treated at right time it can cause death also.

Treatment of cancer includes chemotherapy, surgery, hormone replacement therapy, radiation therapy etc. It requires the treatment of chemotherapy drugs or radiation that controls the spread of cancer cells in the body. The patient has to face various diagnoses and finally results add stress, irritation, and fatigue with improvement during the treatment. Women suffer mentally a lot during the treatment; increases level of fatigue and depression, loss in sleeping quality, anxiety etc. Yoga is the only source to egress yourself from the negativity. This article makes you know why yoga is helpful.

Some benefits:

Manage both physical and psychological difficulty – During the period of diagnosis, the patient is in a state of great disturbance; at this time of turmoil Yoga will help you to improve. Regular practice of yoga generates inner peace in mind that helps to cope up with stress. Meditation is the best way to deal with it. It is the most important and beneficial part of yoga which provides ease to cancer patients. For physical control of body, there are many others easy relaxing poses and stretching exercises like kundalini yoga which able to reduce body pain. Remember, beginners of yoga must start with easy poses.

Regulates Stress hormone – Stress or depression is the most terrible part during the treatment. Each patient has gone through with stress and gets irritated and depressed very easily. Yoga is the great supporter to regulate stress hormone. Practice breathing exercises or meditation make a control on stress hormone of the body. As doctors believe that yoga is a magical spell to relieve yourself but this magical spell brings result when it is practised regularly. Patients who done regular practice of yoga shown up with great results as their stress hormones starts balanced.

Improves Sleeping Quality and Level of Depression – Cancer patients go through with long time treatment having lots of medicines and diagnosis which slowly cuts down their sleeping quality and increases their level of depression. Basic yoga training will give a better result. Many studies prove that the patients who give some time to yoga and meditation have good results. Tibetan yoga is one of the yoga with simple movements helps to improve sleeping quality; it includes meditation and breathing exercises which have many other benefits.

Reduces cortisol level and fatigue- Most of the breast cancer patients have fatigue and cortisol problem which is attached to them. Cortisol can be defined as physical measure of stress. During recovery phase of cancer, patients have to face with higher level of fatigue like weakness, pain in muscles etc. Stretching exercises, isometric yoga helps to reduce the level of cortisol and fatigue. Regular practice of stretching exercises and other relaxing poses of yoga, study says those patients feel more energetic and these exercises increase the metabolism of the body. Daily yoga training for few minutes; helps to reduce anxiety and cholesterol level also.

Yoga can change your quality of life, it heals mind, rebuilt cells and tissues of the body and it is the optimistic way to come out from level of depression. Note, do consult your doctor or yoga trainer before practicing it. Do not go for hard yoga poses in beginning; start with easy ones.

Above, there is little suggestion about benefits of yoga. Practicing yoga is not only good for health as well as it recovers the health after cancer treatment and also reduces the chances of diseases. It is doctors believe that yoga outcome improves the lifestyle and health of cancer survivors. Women who are fighting with the breast cancer will able to aloft their health very soon. Yoga enhances your confidence to believe in yourself and believe in living a healthy life.

Best for health and skin – Vitamin E oil

Body needs all nutrition in proper proportion; calcium, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins are equally important for growth of body. Diet contains nutrients among all nutrients Vitamin E is a rich source for development of health. Vitamin E has a great potential which helps in developing tissues; it is also pivotal because of its biological as well as anti-oxidant functions. Vitamin E is the key to protect cells from damage, body skin and eyes development depends on this nutrient. Vitamin E has a bunch of benefits but prevention from free radicals is first in the list.

Oil contains more content of vitamin E. Thus, in this article we discuss some benefits of vitamin E oil. List of oils which are rich in vitamin E as below:

• Almond oil
• Sunflower oil
• Corn oil
• Soya bean oil
• Olive oil
• Hazel nut oil

With oil, here list of some vegetables also which contains vitamin E –

• Leafy vegetables- spinach, mustard leafs
• Pumpkin
• Broccoli
• Kiwi fruit
• Sweet potato
• Turnip

These food items in which vitamin E present is beneficial for skin. Now, question comes How can an oil is beneficial for skin?

Our skin is soft and smooth contains pores in which dust and pollution damages the skin cells especially when skin came across the sunlight it gets damaged by ultraviolet rays. All these factors attacks the oxygen molecules and produces free radicals, sun burns, tanned skin, wrinkles, age spots and many more. Ultraviolet rays are the most destructive element for the skin as it increases the existence of free radicals. What are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are the molecules which attacks our cells to consume the energy and nutrients of the cells to develop themselves. These are destructors of skin cells who ruin the skin quality. They are highly toxic in nature; they strike the proteins of the skin cells from where skin problems get promoted. This enables the damage of skin to higher level as age spots, discoloration, skin ageing, wrinkles etc depicts on your skin. Also the skin starts getting dark, dark spots and blemishes turns the skin into rough texture or into leathery texture.

Free radicals are the common problem which is the beginning of all other skin issues. Thus, Vitamin E has some specific qualities to fight against these free radicals and all other skin issues. Other than this Vitamin E is a great source of nutrition for skin. It act as antioxidants and protect the skin from vandalizing. Let’s discuss some goodness of vitamin E.

Prevents moisture of skin

Is your skin is dry? Then here vitamin E is the answer of this question. Most important advantage is vitamin E helps to prevent water loss from the skin. The dry skin gets moisturized by the use of vitamin E oil which removes the dullness of skin and makes it healthy and well moisturized. Regular use of this oil maintains moisture and applying the oil at sleep time is the best time.

Provides Anti- Ageing effects

Vitamin E helps the skin to look younger. As change in lifestyle made the skin look tired and older at earlier age. The habits of drinking and smoking are increasing day by day. However, women are also indulging in this life style which damages the skin tissues which increases the sign of ageing. Skin elasticity improves the ageing effects. The anti- oxidants in vitamin E helps to reduce the damage of skin cells, free radicals also helps to minimize wrinkles. Thus, vitamin E is a key ingredient in cosmetic and anti- ageing products. Every anti- ageing cream contains vitamin E to reduce anti –ageing signs of skin. Almond oil also contains vitamin E and proteins name as Elastin and Collagen. These proteins play a pivotal role to enhance the skin elasticity which helps your skin to look younger and soft.

Effective on Stretch Marks

Every pregnant woman is worried about upcoming stretch marks in abdomen. Expanding of skin and stretch marks is natural during pregnancy. When belly starts expanding, this cause itching sensation and then stretch marks occurs slowly. Vitamin E oil helps to make abdomen skin soft; so when your belly starts expanding you must apply this oil which definitely prevents the stretch marks. This oil has such qualities like it has elasticity properties that develop new tissues on abdomen skin which helps to reduce these marks. Not only during pregnancy, has stretch mark also occurred when body fat reduces i.e. they mainly visible on thighs, waist, arms and legs too. If these marks are already developed in these areas of body then also you can apply the oil daily. By applying the Vitamin E oil daily then those stretch marks will start fading. By using the oil regularly, it will be able to completely fade those stretch marks from the skin.

Protection from sun burn

Vitamin E is a key ingredient for sunscreen cosmetics. Vitamin E can be easily absorbed by the skin which provides a protection layer to protect it from sun damage. It helps from all types of sun damage as helps to control sun burn or tanning, inflammation or blemishes etc. Lastly this oil treats the skin appropriately and cures the skin from UV rays too. Now we can say that vitamin E have many benefits. The property of tissues regenerating and elastic properties; used in many cosmetics and other products also. All uses or benefits that provided by vitamin E make it a remarkable one for the skin and health.