Best eye care tips for regular computer users

Typical Computer users spends quite a few hours of a day in front of a monitor which may lead to cause ample of damage to their eyes such as headaches, eyestrain, dry-eyes or irritated eyes, temporarily blurred vision, etc.

1. Take regular breaks to give rest to your eyes. Look beyond your computer screen for some time after every 20 minutes or walk away from the screen.

2. Blink your eyes to prevent them from dryness.

3. See to it that your monitor is placed 33cm-59cm away from your eyes.

4. If you computer is of old model, fit it anti-glare filter or it better if you replace it with a new one; to benefit yourself from minimal distortion, glare and reflection.

5. Always keep your computer screen clean.

6. If you are ready having or if you are looking for a new one, ask for lenses with anti-reflection coating on them or reduce visual strain.

7. Some of the simple ways for eye workout.

8. During a small break from your work you can do these simple workouts. Some of them are, first blink your eyes several times, then close your eyes and roll both your eyeballs both clockwise and anti-clockwise and take a deep breathes.

9. Follow this exercise several times to allow your eyes to relax and get back to work with full enthusiasm.

10. While you are on a break, splash water on your face by keeping your eyes close. This will have an overall relaxing effect and will make you feel relaxed.

11. If dirt enters your eyes, make sure that you are not rubbing your eyes as this cause the dirt to stick inside. Blink your eyes for several times as the tears start flowing out it will flush out the dirt. And, if you rub your eyes the dirt particle will remain inside and cause irritation and disturb your vision.

12. Wear eye protection gears while riding or travelling especially if you are wearing contact lenses.

Buy Cyclosporine Eye Care Medication

Now a day’s dry eye syndrome is most common disease occur. Generally this problem comes when moisture occurs on eye surface and main thing is lack of lubrication. Cyclosporine has overcome on this problem to get relief from dry feeling on eyes. Cyclosporine is under the class of medicines called as immunosuppressant. It is used to increases the tear production as well as help to decrease swelling in the eye allow for tear production. Cyclosporine is one of the best and effective prescription medications for treating dry eye syndrome. If you are using contact lens, should not wear contact lens with decrease tear production. Cyclosporine has passed all clinical test and practically also very effective medication to many people. Cyclosporine eye drop used as per doctor suggestion.


The dose of cyclosporine will be available in different form for different type of patients. Follow on prescription label carefully; if any part not understood then ask your physician or doctor they explain it. Cyclosporine eye drops are eye medication and only use in eyes with extreme caution. Without medical advice it will be harmful for the eyes. Physician usually suggest instilled in each eye twice in a day. The time duration between doses should be 12 hours apart. Taking Cyclosporine eye drop around the same time every day. Wash your hand with soap and water to hold vial. Avoid touching dropper tip with anything else and your eye. While tilt your head back and pull the lid of your eye. Close your eyes for 2 to3 minutes. If you miss Cyclosporine dose, as soon as possible take it.

Side Effects

Cyclosporine eye drop is secure and decent medication. It is very capable drug for treating eye disease. But some side effects are connected with this eye medicine. All Cyclosporine eye drop does not taking side effects, few medication have it. Some people have experience them. Cyclosporine side effects commonly show harmless. If side effect found, they don’t stay for long period and diminish in few hours.
Cyclosporine common side effects are –

Burning or discomfort of eyes.
Difficult to read anything else.
Yellow fluid continues come in eyes.
Feel having something in eye.
Eye pain, itching skin, sticky eyelashes.
Increases tear production.

Cyclosporine have adverse side effects:

More Pain in the chest.
Continues blood flow in urine.
Cramps occur in muscles.


Cyclosporine has some storage conditions. Storage is most important for medication because it flawless their quality and safety from spoiling. Cyclosporine vial always kept in room temperature for long use. The suitable temperature for storage is in between 15 to 25 degree Celsius. Absolutely extreme temperatures spoil Cyclosporine medication. Do not kept vial anywhere in the open place. These drugs should be kept in air tight container. The container put in dry and cool place in room. The air tight container save drug from outside violations and boosts its life. Cyclosporine always keeps away from children. Do not store outdated medicine.


Precautions are very important with taking the drug in a right way. Precautions always keep away from dangers while treatment is running. If Cyclosporine treatment is going on than some precautions kept in mind. Take a very seriously and bring in your daily routine. Cyclosporine always takes on doctor’s advice. Remember it forever. Check whether the drug is comfort for you or not from your consulted doctor. Tell your doctor if any other drugs taking, it is must for you. If any allergic reaction occurs with Cyclosporine immediate inform your doctor. If any other eye drops using with Cyclosporine keep five minute gap between the two drugs. If you wearing contact lens do not use this drug. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mother keep away from Cyclosporine drug.


Cyclosporine is beneficial medication to treats in dry eye problem and protects your eyes from damaging. During the treatment this drug solve the problem without does not cause any botheration and solve the problem. The best benefits of Cyclosporine are it can be discuss to anyone. Even who people suffering with some diseases like heart transplant, kidney problem, liver disease etc. are capable to take Cyclosporine eye drop. But, still first consult with your doctor or physician. Cyclosporine drug is very easy to use. It is elucidation medication, so required only number of drugs needs to set at specific times.