Best Ways to Detox Your Body

Detoxification means cleaning the blood. The process of eliminating the toxins from the body is called detoxification. Our body basically eliminates the toxins from the kidneys, liver, lungs and skin. In modern lifestyle the detoxification is the best mantra to keep yourself fit and healthy. It is also a best way to get the much awaited glow on the face. Detoxification is simple and effective and you can do it easily at your home. Sometimes we forget to drink water because of hectic lifestyle and overwork and it makes us dehydrated. To keep our system hydrated it is important to drink plenty of water every day. It is said the drinking lots of water every day helps to remove waste toxins from our body and also helps in the detoxification process. In this article we will let you know about the best ways to detox our body and elements that are helpful to get rid from toxins.

Nowadays people want zero sized figure and smooth skin. Crash diet is very much in demand to fulfill this desire. One has to follow a fixed regimen when it comes to detox your body. As much as you go through the strict regimen as much as benefits you get from detoxification. One should opt for a detox diet once in a year as it is important to clear our system. Here we are few detox diets that you should go for.

Lemon Diet Plan: The lemon juice diet is very important to clean our system naturally and it is also helpful to lose some weight. The acidic properties of lemon regulate the cleansing process. To make a healthy lemon you just need to add fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and fresh water. Cayenne pepper arises the efficiency of metabolism. When it comes to consume this drink always keep one thing in your mind that you do not need to consume one glass at once or in one breathe. Sipping this drink slowly is considered as more effective rather than drinking the whole glass at once.

Fruit and Veggies Plan: In this diet plan you just need to consume fruits and vegetables in high amount. Raw food should be included to achieve success. Detoxification of the body can be achieved by consuming high fiber content of vegetables and fruits.

Herbal Detox Tea: Herbal detox tea is also helpful for blood purification. Detoxification of body can be accomplished by herbal detox tea. To make herbal detox tea you first need to dice the few ginger slices in a pan of water. Now add cinnamon, licorice and dandelion in the pan. Now put the pan on the flame and boil the water for some time. Cover the pan and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Drain the preparation with a strainer in to another pan. Your herbal detox tea is ready to drink. Remember one thing that you just need to drink this herbal detox tea sip by sip and not at once.

Broccoli Soup: You can also make broccoli soup as a part of detoxification diet plan. To make broccoli soup you just need to steam broccoli for 10 to 15 minutes. After it place the boiled broccoli in a blender and add 3 to 4 celery sticks. You can also add cumin and ginger root to make it healthier and effective detox drink. Add this soup in your diet as it keeps your stomach full for long period of time and prevent from over eating.

Other Ways to Detox Your Body: Other ways to detox your body as mentioned below. Have a look.

  • The first instruction in order to detox your body is quit smoking and it should implemented by soon. This habit destroys your health in many ways.
  • Detox diet does not work at all if you drink alcohol. Alcohol puts lots of strain in your body and one can experience headache, sluggish, laziness etc.
  • Sleeping 8 hours is necessary to stay fit and healthy. Don’t ever compromise with your sleep at any cost. Sleep is extremely important for us.
  • Healthy and detox diet is also important and for this you have to eat right foods. Vitamin C rich foods are also helpful to detoxify the body.