An eye complication has become a biggest issue among all, an occupation and improper lifestyle stood the reason behind it. An excessive stress over the eye leads to glaucoma or ocular hypertension issue, which may gradually damage the eye sights and leads to blindness problem. However, ignorance may enhance the risk of blindness. An excessive pressure on the nerves breaks down the function of the retina resulting gradual loss of vision. This actually brings dehydrated eyes, where an eyeball found mostly affected. This condition is frequently found common in old age people than in adults.

Causes of glaucoma

Glaucoma causes may be partially depend on family history, but involves mostly a person’s improper lifestyle. Prolonged gazing on computer, electrical work, persistent reading on dim light, etc. is found responsible for glaucoma problem. Lack of fluid, insufficient supply of blood towards the eyes, constraint eye drainage is found a most responsible fact, to cause glaucoma complication. However, people who drink less may get dehydrated eyes, which gets excessive pressure over the eyeballs. When the optic nerves get less blood it fails to facilitate the function of the eyes, which leads to inflamed, itching, redness, and dehydrated eyes. Glaucoma is a type of eye complication, which arises due to lack of fluid and insufficient blood supply.

An excessive intake of medicine is found another leading factor, to cause glaucoma problem. It’s a type of progressive eye complication, which gets transferred gradually from one eye to another. Hence, the earlier treatment is required to treat glaucoma difficulties, to prevent it from getting spread. An ignorance of certain complications may lead to blindness problem. Well, there are enormous causes of glaucoma or ocular hypertension, but the treatment stood an essential part of it.

Treatment through Betaxolol

Betaxolol is a prescribed eye mending drop, which actually used to treat glaucoma problem. It helps relax the optic nerves by releasing the pressure and facilitating the fluid level. Betaxolol aids promoting the fluid level of the eyes making it hydrate and energetic. People, facing a glaucoma problem must use these drops, to get rid of certain eye disorders. This drop helps enhancing the fluid level within the eyes and reduces the pressures, to let the eyes work properly. Using Betaxolol to treat glaucoma issue is one of the best solutions, to get relief. This is a type of eye disorders, which could get mend easily, if treated soon.


One needs to take the dosage according to the doctors prescribed manner. Do not use your own mind in case of medicines. An eyedropper found so effective whose excessive intake may in return harm your eyes. So, a special prescription is a mandatory for such eye drops. However, Betaxolol found one of the best effective medicines, to get rid of glaucoma complications in case if used appropriately. Betaxolol is a form of liquid solution holding an effective chemical solution that helps ease down the glaucoma complications.  If, it is mentioned two drops then apply only two drops, do not proceed more than that. The usage of this drops twice in a day found sufficient, but in case doctor suggested you to take more than that then you may proceed; otherwise don’t be your own boss. Do not double the dose, apply it as long as doctor has advised, after that stop using the drop. Don’t be habitual with the eye drops to mend any eye disorders.

Before going for any eye drop, seek the help from the doctor. Continue the dose without taking a gap; since, it might extend the curing period. Don’t use the drop alternatively; try to be regular with the drops? In short, if you really wanted to get rid of glaucoma complications than try following the treatment according, to the prescribed manner. Do reveal the doctor if in case you are already under the treatment of eye disorders; since, using two eye drops at a time may damage the eyes badly. After applying, do not rub or wash the eyes. Try not placing your fingers inside the eyes; since, the eye drops may get contaminate and could bring stain formation inside the eyes. Leave your eyes close for 3 minutes after applying the drop. Open it gradually and rotate the eyes in a circular motion.


One must remove the lens before applying the drop of Betaxolol; after, an hour place the lens again.  Do not rush for the work soon after the appliance. Let your eyes relax for some time and then start working. If, by mistakenly you got an excessive eye drop then wash your face, relax for some time and then apply the drop again in the prescribed manner. A pregnant and lactating woman must avoid taking this drop unless and until doctor advised to follow. People, with severe health disorders must consult the doctor, before using this eye drop. People, suffering from certain disorders called kidney, liver, heart, etc. must not use this eye drops unless your doctor suggest.


You can store it in the refrigerator, but see to it that it should not get frozen. Keep away from the children and sunrays. Try keeping the bottle tightly close. Do not let the water pass into it; since, its water contact may bring the eye drops affectless.


Blurry vision, itching, inflamed and excessive reddish eyes may give some side-effects indications. Swelling of the face, excessive heartbeats and high blood pressure are some additional factors of side-effects.