Bimatoprost is a solution drug for treating major eye syndromes- glaucoma and eyelash loss. The drug is classified in a class of drugs called prostaglandin analogs. Getting an advice from doctor is very important before using bimatoprost as it is a prescription medication. The drug is FDA approved that adds to its worth. Eye lash loss takes away look of eyes. The drug grows anew eyelashes by applying to eyes as suggested by physician. Use the drug exactly as directed for faster and healthy results. On the other hand, glaucoma is a type of eye disease in which fluid gets accumulated in eyes and eyes get swelled. It is a major condition calling for prompt treatment. Eyes may even get impaired with time. Glaucoma has become common occurrence today and needs right treatment for eradication. Bimatoprost drains out the eye fluid by increasing pressure in eyes. The drug is very effective and is available at an affordable price online.

Bimatoprost is a solution drug. It should be used as suggested. The drug is advised to be taken once a day. It can be taken anytime, however fixing the time is important. Usually evening time is preferred over morning. Complete the treatment even if the condition gets better. Do not stop the treatment in the middle. If using any other eye drug, maintain a gap of 5 to 10 minutes between the two doses. Do not use more or less of the drug. Stick to the prescription.

Bimatoprost Usage
Washing hands is the first most important step before holding the bottle.
Don’t touch dropper tip with hands.
Tilt head slightly backwards and make a pouch of eyes for instilling suggested drops.
Hold the dropper close to eyes.
Close eyes for few seconds after installation of drops. Try not to blink eyes.
Use tissue for wiping extra fluid on face and eyes.
Tighten the cap and place the bottle in a safe and secure place.
Wash hands again in the end.

Missed Dose
Bimatoprost is to be taken daily as declared. Do not skip the drug. Frequent gaps can delay the treatment process and may worsen the condition. Be regular with the dose. However, if forget by chance try to instill drops sooner have recollection of it. In case it is time for the next dose to be taken, continue with it. Do not try to cover up for the missed dose by overdosing. Overdose gives rise to serious complications. Do not overdose under any circumstances.

Side Effects
There is no drug that can claim of zero side effects. Bimatoprost may also incur some common side effects. However, these common side effects do not cause worry. They don’t even require treatment. Caution only to be taken if they persist for days. Common side effects of the drug are- headache, dry eyes, burning sensation, cold, teary eyes, irritation in eyes and so on.
There are other types of side effects that can be serious and need to be normalized sooner. Pink eye, light sensitivity, swelling in eyes, redness in eyes, rashes, hives, breathing problem, chest tightness, change in eye color, eye discharge, inflammation, pain in eyes, severe fatigue in eyes etc are all serious consequences. Stop using the drug and check with your doctor.

Precautionary Measures
It is important to check with doctor, prior taking drug, that you are not allergic to the drug. if you are, then the drug is not for your usage.
What all prescription, non prescription, herbal supplements etc you are taking, inform your doctor about them.
Keep a gap of minimum 5 minutes is using any other eye drug as well. Also, inform your doctor about the eye medication you are using as bimatoprost has reactivity with some drug.
If has an eye infection, eye surgery etc in the past, do tell your doctor.
Do not use the drug over contact lenses. Remove lenses at least 15 minutes in advance prior the drug usage.
If already pregnant or planning a baby or if you are a breastfeeding mother, take a suggestion with your doctor whether or not the drug can be taken.
Stick to the recommended dosage. Don’t exceed without consultation.
Do not perform any activity after using the drug. It may lead to an accident.
Don’t share your drug with anyone.
Keep going for regular check-ups from time to time to see how the drug is faring.
If suffering from damaged cornea condition, avoid using bimatoprost.