Boon of Consuming Red Cabbage

The boons of consuming red cabbage are enormous, but it depends upon your intake. Some prefer white and green and some go for purple or red cabbage; well, the benefits of both are different. Comparatively, red cabbage found more beneficial than the mixture of white and green one. Red cabbage is alleged as a world healthiest veggie. One can use purple cabbage in many ways; it can use to squeeze juice, to cook vegetables, to decorate salad, and many more. Well, it has been found that consuming leafy vegetables as raw provides more nutrients than the cooked one. Almost 50% of the nutrients present in veggies gets reduce because of cooking. People, preferring salad and juice of red/purple cabbage found more beneficial and helpful than the cooked one. The research stated that people, who add red cabbage in their meal, get less risk of health disorders. The red cabbage holds 10 times more vitamin A and double of iron comparing to green cabbage. It holds vitamin A, C, K, B6, and folate; it also contains natural sugar, dietary fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, protein, etc. Red cabbage holds a pigment known as flavin, which grants it, to get turned in red color. Most of the studies stated red cabbage as anti cancerous, anti ulcer, anti bacterial, etc. Let’s read the boon of red cabbage in detail.

• Due to existence of vitamin A in wide range, red cabbage found beneficial for promoting blood circulation. Its raw intake enhances the level of hemoglobin and facilitates the working ability of the organs. Drinking the juice of the red cabbage improves the blood circulation and the nerves system, which aids proper functioning of the brain, liver, heart, kidney, skin, etc. The risk of strokes, brain attack, Alzheimer’s, etc. gets reduced.

• The one, who wanted to promote healthy and disorder less eyes must add red cabbage in their diet; since, it contained vitamin A in large amount, which helps promote healthy eyes. One can manage to get good and long lasting eyesight’s. The chances of low vision or eye sight damages in old age would be less. Moreover, the risk of eye disorders like ocular hypertension, glaucoma, etc. fails to occur. Add daily a plate of red cabbage salad or juice in your diet.

• Rich in vitamin A and many other essential nutrient level in purple cabbage, acts like an anti barrier for skin disorders. People, who consume red cabbage in good amount, are less likely to get any skin disorders. Its intake promotes healthy and attractive skin. Add this veggie in your young age time, so that you manage to get healthy skin in old age period. Healthy and eye catching skin is one of the greatest benefits of consuming red cabbage, but its raw intake would be more beneficial than the cooked one. The disorders like eczema, white patches, itching, roughness, etc. of the skin gets wiped out due to its consumption.

• Moreover, maintaining a proper existence of blood in the body is essential to promote healthy hair along with healthy skin. An efficient blood circulation facilitates the brain nerves, which indirectly results less hair fall with long and healthy hair growth. One can manage to get good volume of hair with strong strength. So, this is a solution for the person, who holds weak, feeble and rough hair issue. Try this natural remedy to treat your hair fall problem.

• An existence of Anthocyanins in red cabbage aids cut down the threat of strokes, Alzheimer’s, brain attack, etc. In short, consuming red cabbage cut down the risk of plaque formation, which stood as key source for Alzheimer’s formation. Hence, people must add this veggie to reduce the risk of such disorders.

• An existence of anti-oxidants property in red cabbage cut down the risk of cancer and tumor formation. One can also get prevented from heart disorders and its inflammation. Vitamin A, C, and the effect of anti-oxidants helps get rid of heart disorders. Moreover, people who hold high blood pressure must add this veggie in their daily diet as a salad to enjoy its full benefit and to reduce the risk of heart attacks. Presence of potassium in the red cabbage helps stabilize the blood pressure issue.

• Since, the cabbage holds a good amount of fiber; one can get a reduction in the calories and could manage to keep maintained weight.
• Red cabbage works like a great toxifier; it aids wipe out the contaminated stuff from the stomach and facilitates the function of the bowel. People, who consume red cabbage on a daily basis, may get an immediate flush of stuff, less risk of constipation problem, less risk of worm’s formation, etc. In short, if you want to get proper functioning of bowel, do add red cabbage salad or juice daily in your diet.

• Due to existence of iron, potassium, calcium and several other essential components in red cabbage, aids get vigor and flexible bones. A daily juice of purple or red cabbage aids built healthy and strong bone. It aids reduces the risk of arthritis, osteoporosis and several other bone disorders.

• It also acts like an anti ageing way; people in old age could manage to get supple skin.

• A person, who found addicted to red cabbage, may get a healthy immune system with fastest cell performance and DNA improvement. One can get long lasting and healthy organs like kidney, liver, heart and remaining all the organs, of the body.

So, the one who wanted to maintain good health must add this mineral, vitamins, nutrients rich veggies called red/purple cabbage in the diet. It has been scientifically proven that people, who run their most of the life on consuming vegetables, faces less risk of health complication. So, don’t wait for tomorrow start consuming this nutrient rich veggie from today on wards, to keep yourself vigorous and healthy.