Brimonidine tartrate is a medicine prescribed only for the eye disorder. This solution is actually used to treat a visual hypertension and open-angle glaucoma. The condition causes due to damages of the optic nerves located backside of the eye. An excessive pressure over the eyes leads to open-angle glaucoma. This condition is also termed as visual hypertension. A treatment of certain complication is mandatory otherwise it may lead to eye sight damages. It has been noticed rarely that a person, who ignores certain eye disorder faces a blindness problem. This difficulty has been examined over the age of 30 people; since, they are more likely to face eye pressure. It has been suggested that people beyond the age of 30 must go for routine checkup, to stay away from certain complications. Today, this has become common with very individual due to occupation and a stressful lifestyle.

A partial jam of trabecular meshwork confines the flow of aqueous humour, which leads to open-angle glaucoma issue.  An improper function of aqueous humour leads to stress within the eyes. An excessive stress over the eyes may obstruct the function of the nerve fibers linked from retina to an optic nerve, which stood a key nerve of the eye sights. This brings damages of fiber, consequences a scrap of eyesight loss. Glaucoma may get transferred from one eye to another, affecting both the eyes equally. The condition leads to excessive fluid formation in the eyes comprising extreme pain and blurry vision. Sometimes, an insufficient blood supply also leads to glaucoma problem. Well, a condition which arises without any eye stress termed as ocular hypertension. Certain health complication called diabetes; anemia, etc. may indirectly cause glaucoma complication. Furthermore, family history, lack of sleep and unhealthy diet found some additional factors, to cause glaucoma problem. Some of the recent research has been stated that people following prolonged studies and prolonged gazing on the computer may get the risk of glaucoma or weak eyesight problem.

Blurry vision, pain, itching, headache, excessive water fall; discomfort able to view anything, excessive pressure to read something, etc. has been noticed as a symptom of open angle glaucoma.

Treatments through Brimonidine tartrate

Since this complication found curable, one can go for Brimonidine tartrate to treat the eye disorder. People, can use this solution, to mend the condition of ocular hypertension and open angle glaucoma. It helps soothe the within eye stress and stabilizes the fluid formation. Brimonidine tartrate works superbly, to manage the fluid formation and facilitates the fluid drainage out from the eyes. This aids mending the stress within the eyes. It is available in a solution form that use as an eye drop. The drop helps clear the blurry vision and also protect from eye sight damages. Sometimes, this medicine found unsuitable for someone. Well, it depends upon the condition that makes it unsuitable for the people. Certain kidney, liver, high blood pressure disorder found reason behind unbefitting of this drug.


If, you are breast feeding, pregnant or expectant then do consult the doctor before the use of the eye drops; since, sometimes it may found harmful for the baby. Some way the medicine found harmful for the developing baby. Women, under lactating stage may avoid this medication; since, it may get pass into the milk and could reach to the baby, which might harm the kid. One must avoid consuming alcohol and smoking; since, it may reduce the effect of the medicine and could lead to adverse impact, on the eyes. If, you are already undergoing a certain medication process than disclose this to the doctor before the use of Brimonidine tartrate; since, the usage of two medicines together may give negative impact. Certain medicines called benzalkonium chloride, Nardil, Eldepryl, Parnate, anaesthetics, barbiturates, sedatives, opiates, Marplan, etc. may get react with Brimonidine tartrate. If, in case you are following certain medicine, do not fail to take the doctor’s suggestion. One needs to take a rest after applying this drops; it’s a suggestion especially for the people who operate machines.


The usage of the medicines has been prescribed by the doctors; one should not act like their own boss in case of medicine intake. Take a drop of Brimonidine tartrate according to the prescribed manner; do not over use it; since, it may give some adverse effect. As eyes found very sensitive organ, which needs an extreme care? Do not place your hand or rub the eyes regularly. Shake the bottle well before applying it. After applying, leave your eyes close for 2 minutes, so that it may get cover the surface properly and then open it gradually. If, you missed the dose do not revise it twice at a time. Do read the label before using it, so that you could not use an outdated medicine.


As every medicine holds some not the other side-effects; this too found the same if used inappropriately. Itching, paining, extreme eye pain, sensitivity to light, giddiness, dehydrated mouth, swelling, dizziness, etc. may found some allergic reaction with Brimonidine tartrate. However, it is not common with everyone in fact seen very rarely.  A prescribed usage of the dose may trim down the risk of various side-effects.


As medicine is a secret stuff of someone, so it should be kept in such a place that should not get in the hand of some others. Store it in a room temperature far from children and away from sun rays. Fit the bottle tightly and place. Once the seal is open finished the bottle with the process, does not keep it for the next causes; since, long time preservation may bring the medicine out dated, which might be taken by mistakenly by someone and causes eyesight’s impairment.