Brimonidine Tartrate: Prevent Your Eye from Permanent Damage

Glaucoma is one of the most widespread eye disorders known to primarily affect the people in the old age. Glaucoma is also called open angle glaucoma. It is caused when the pressure in the eye increases. This increase in pressure is caused as the eye fluids are blocked and they do not get drained properly. Although Glaucoma may seem harmless in the beginning, but when not treated in the timely manner it can cause damages to the optic nerves. This in turn may cause permanent vision loss. This is the reason why it is important to treat this disorder so that there are no permanent damages.

It opens up the drainage allowing the proper flow of the fluid in the eye. This further helps in releasing the pressure that was built up due to the blockage. The chemical which is used in this medicine is called Alphagan P and is highly effective in the treatment of this particular eye disorder.

The medicine is being used by millions of people suffering from this disease all over the world. It has also been approved by various trusted medical bodies of the world such as FDA. This means that it is a safe medicine to use. It is also recommended by lots of doctors for the treatment of glaucoma. Brimonidine Tartrate has proven to be highly effective for many years. Thanks to this medicine, so many people have been able to prevent the permanent loss in the vision. This medicine is very easily available in all of the major drugstores. You can also buy it on the internet from the online pharmacies.

Alphagan P 0.15% is the primary component of the Brimonidine Tartrate. It is prescribed extensively by the doctors for the management and treatment of the glaucoma eye disorder. It is very well known for the treatment of the open angle glaucoma.

Since FDA has approved this medication, it is safe to assume that this medicine is very effective. Also, it can be deduced that it is very safe to use this particular ophthalmic solution. The working of the medicine has satisfied many people all over the world. The people who have used it speak highly of it. However, the medicine must be taken only when it is prescribed by the doctor. The working mechanism of this medicine is rather very simple.
The active component of Brimonidine Tartrate, Alphagan, is extremely important in the treatment of the open angle glaucoma.

As already established, the blockage of the eye fluids increases the pressure in the eye. Due to this the optic nerves are at the risk of damage. This disease threatens to cause permanent blindness if not treated on time.
Alphagan helps in clearing the blockage and thus allows for the proper drainage of the liquid. The proper drainage also ensures that the eyes remain moist and healthy.

Millions of people all over the world buy this medicine to ensure that their eyes remain safe and the glaucoma disease is treated.

The drugs used for the treatment of the eye diseases need to be taken with care.
Brimonidine Tartrate should only be taken when it has been prescribed by the doctor
The dosage is prescribed to the patients depending upon various factors such as age, weight, and medical history of the patient.
One drop at a time is the most recommended dose for Brimonidine Tartrate. Usually the patients need to take two to three drops in a day. However, depending upon the severity of the condition the doctor may increase the dose
Overdose of the medicine should not be done as it can cause harm to the eye.
The user must wash their hands first or sanitize them before using the drops
Close your eyes for 3-4 minutes after putting the drop
Remove the contact lenses before putting the drop if you wear them. Do not wear them back for at least 30 minutes after putting the drop.
Put a finger at the corner of the eye in which you have put the drop and apply gentle pressure. This will allow the medicine to spread evenly over your eye. But do not rub the eye.


Before starting to use Brimonidine Tartrate make sure you inform your doctor if you are allergic to this medicine. Also, if you are allergic to apraclonidine your doctor must know of it. It is best to let the doctor know if you have any known allergies. This medicine may have some inactive ingredients that may result in the allergic reactions. Always talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

If you have any medical history make sure you inform your doctor about it before using the medicine. Especially if you have had any blood circulation disorders, diseases related to blood vessels, any heart disease, depression, renal problems, liver disease, low blood pressure issue while standing called orthostatic hypotension, or the Raynaud’s disease, then make sure that your doctor is aware of it.

As a side effect, you may feel drowsy or dizzy along with blurred vision after using this medicine. Therefore, after taking the drops of Brimonidine Tartrate make sure that you do not drive, operate heavy machinery, or get involved in any activity that requires you to have a clear focus and vision.

The medicine should not be used at any time near to alcohol consumption. This may worsen the side effects. In fact, the consumption of alcohol must be limited while you are using this eye drop.

Children tend to be more sensitive to the side effects of Brimonidine Tartrate. Therefore, make sure you exercise caution when children have to use this medication.

Pregnant and lactating women must inform the doctor about their condition before using the medicine.

Side Effects

Blurred vision
Redness in the eye
Itching in the eye
Dry mouth
Drowsiness and dizziness

These are the most common side effects and do not require any medical treatment. However, if they are prolonged make sure you consult the doctor.