Brimonidine Tartrate to Treat Glaucoma and Other Eye Diseases

The medicine is Brimonidine Tartrate and it is quite extensively used to treat the eye condition called glaucoma. Glaucoma is a widespread eye disorder which mostly develops during the old age. At the onset of the disease the patients complain about dryness and itching in the eye. This medical condition is caused when the pressure build up in the eye becomes high. Due to the increases pressure the fluids to the eye are blocked. The drainage of the eye fluid is also affected resulting in lack of lubrication.

What are the consequences of glaucoma disease?

In the early stages glaucoma appears to be harmless. In the beginning the patients complain of the mild eye irritation. The itching or irritation is mild but lasts for a long time. Since it appears to be harmless patients tend to overlook it in the beginning. However, it is crucial to treat this disease before it develops into something more serious. If not treated, it can cause some really grave damages to the eye. If not treated for a long time it can cause irreversible damages and may also lead to permanent blindness. The blindness is caused because glaucoma may affect the optic nerves and hinder the sight. Brimonidine Tartrate is quite effective in treating the glaucoma eye condition.

What causes glaucoma?

As already said, the biggest reason that results in glaucoma is the increased pressure in the eye. When the pressure increases it tends to block the vessels that carry the fluid in an out of the eye. The drainage is blocked and hence the ocular surface of the eye is deprived of lubrication. The blockage of fluids adds to the pressure and thus the condition becomes even more serious. To treat this condition the pressure in the eye needs to be released. Brimonidine Tartrate contains the chemical compound called Aphagan P. This is the main component which can clear the drainage and release the pressure from the eye.

Is Brimonidine Tartrate really helpful?

There is no doubt about the fact that Brimonidine Tartrate is extremely effective in the treatment of glaucoma. The medicine has also received approval from FDA. Millions of people across the world have already been treated with the help of this medicine. Brimonidine Tartrate can treat both temporary as well as chronic glaucoma. Eye doctors confidently prescribe this medicine to the patients.

How can I buy this medicine?

However, it should only be used if it has been prescribed by the eye doctor.

How does Brimonidine Tartrate actually work?

The main component of Brimonidine Tartrate is Alphagan P and is included in the strength of 0.15%. It is a very commonly used component for the treatment of glaucoma.

  • Glaucoma disease is also sometimes referred to as open angle glaucoma.
  • Brimonidine Tartrate is highly effective and has been able to cure millions of people worldwide over several years.
  • It is in essence an ophthalmic solution. The primary role of this solution is to provide lubrication to the eyes and release the pressure.
  • This medicine works on the root cause of the problem as well as provides instant relief by replenishing the eyes with the necessary lubricants.
  • The working mechanism of Brimonidine Tartrate is rather pretty simple. The primary active component of this medicine called Alphagan P ensures that the vessels carrying the fluids to the eye are unblocked.
  • When the path of the fluids is unblocked the pressure also gets released. This allows the fluids to get drained and hence glaucoma is treated effectively.
  • The ophthalmic solution included in the medicine also keeps the eyes moist and lubricated.
  • It not only provides instant relief but also makes sure that the underlying cause of the disease is treated. It prevents the eye from any serious damages in future.

Are there any special instructions for dosage I must follow?

Yes, here are some of the instructions to follow:

Brimonidine Tartrate must be applied to the eye only when it has been recommended by an eye specialist.

  • Eye is a very sensitive part of the body. This is why make sure you are careful while using this medicine.
  • The actual dosage may vary depending upon the medical history of the patient, their age, and severity of glaucoma.
  • Usually one drop is prescribed by the doctor as a single dose. The patients who have glaucoma eye condition usually need to take 2-3 doses in a day. The dose may be increased or decreased depending upon the severity of the condition.
  • Before applying the medicine, make sure that you clean your hands. This is required to maintain the health of the eye.
  • Overdose must be avoided as it can result in poor eye health.
  • After pouring the drop of Brimonidine Tartrate, make sure you close your eyes for a few minutes.
  • If you wear contact lenses, make sure you remove them before putting the drop
  • After pouring the drop press your eyes gently in the corner. This will ensure that the solution spreads evenly across the eye.

Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

If you have any existing medical condition or a medical history, make sure you let the doctor know about it before getting started with the dose of Brimonidine Tartrate. In certain cases you may need to be a little careful while using this medicine.

  • If you have any allergic reactions make sure that the eye specialist knows about them. There are some allergies that get worse during the application of Brimonidine Tartrate. The medicine may also result in new allergic reactions.
  • Pregnant and lactating women must apprise the eye specialist of their condition before applying Brimonidine Tartrate.

Does Brimonidine Tartrate have any side effects?

Yes, there are some side effects of the medicine. Here are some of them:

Blurred vision

  • Drowsiness and dizziness
  • Itching in the eye
  • Redness in the eye
  • Dry mouth

Usually these side effects are mild. If they do last longer or get worse, seek medical attention.