Cant be cured only controlled: Asthma

During your physical exercise period in school you might have noticed that some kid’s gets tired a lot faster than the others, also they take a lot of time to recover their stamina. Some of them even faint and experience shortness of breath.  They have been affected by what the world knows as asthma.  It triggers off easily, can be started by common cold or any kind of physical exercise. What happens during an asthmatic attack is that bronchi i.e. the oxygen transporters for the lungs start to get narrow and start burning up which results in the formation of mucous. This mucous almost stops the oxygen supply to the lungs thereby making it difficult to breathe. Thus it is very common to hear a certain sound coming from the person’s throat while suffering from the attack. This sound is known as wheezing.

During an attack, an asthma patient will cough and pant a lot; he may also experience tightness in his chest. Asthmatic patients are also prone to insomnia as asthma attacks are most common during the night and early morning. In this way asthma not only tortures the patient with its own symptoms but also makes sure that he gets affected by a host of other diseases as well. Thus, making it more dangerous. Patients who experience asthmatic attacks frequently also become extremely sensitive to smell and other stimuli. Even pollen and pollutants start acting as triggers for attacks. There are some household triggers for attacks, like cockroaches and dust mites.  There are still other triggers, Medicines for hypertension could result in causing huge attacks, and asthma in this case is extremely violent and may even cause death.  Also almost every place in the world offers the conditions which are required for a person to get affected by asthma. Because of all these reasons asthma has become one of the most common diseases in the world.

No research ever conducted has been successful in getting a cure for asthma. A vaccine for it is not expected in the near future. This may come as very demoralizing to many people all around the world, but should not very much because as incurable asthma might be, it can still be kept under control. There are many procedures which if followed properly, can constantly keep asthma in check. Ancient methods like yoga are very effective in keeping asthma at bay. Yoga techniques like pranayam have become popular all around the world because of its efficiency in reducing the frequency of asthmatic attacks. The other way is to find out all the triggers of the attacks and stay clear of them after that. The entire body of the patient should be carefully examined and asthma should be traced to the root of the problem.

Furthermore, people who are affected with asthma should stay away from dust and pollen as much as possible. Disease like sleep apnea should be cured with the help of medical examination and surgery. One of the most disastrous things that an asthmatic can do is to smoke. Smoking takes the rate of asthmatic attacks to a whole new level. This is because both asthma and smoking affect the lungs directly. In some cases this can be too much pressure and the lungs might just collapse. Thus, smoking is a big no-no for asthmatic patients.  There also medicines available at the pharmacies which can used in the event of an asthmatic attack, these include inhalers and asthmatic tablets. These medicines fight of the attack and restore normal breathing to the patient. Also carrying them around gives the patient a sense of security, thus giving the patient a positive which also is very instrumental in fighting off asthma.

However these medicines too have a disadvantage. They do not come without their side-effects and thus are not recommended to everyone. They are given to patients only after checking their entire medical history. Side effects apart these drugs are very useful during serious attacks as during that time the patient may not be able to breathe through a nebulizer. This is because an inhaler is saline and is given to the patient in gaseous form.

Nothing in this world is impossible. There is a great possibility that a vaccine for asthma may be made in the future but until then we have to continuously fight it off. It would not be easy as the asthmatic attacks manage to find some or the other loophole in our body and we have to make sure that there is no loophole. But if we are determined to eat healthy, avoid its triggers and stay away from bad habits then it is very much possible for us to build a strong immune system. There is no reason why we can’t live with asthma and enjoy life at same time.