Causes of Over Sleeping and How to Prevent this Habit

There are numbers of people across the world who are suffering from Oversleeping. However sleep is considered as most blissful thing but excessive sleep can have ill effects on our body. Sleep basically keeps us fresh and rejuvenates us from daily stress and strain. If you do not get enough sleep you will feel tired the whole day. For some people it is difficult to sleep in night and that’s why they use day time to get some rest. Sleep plays an important role to regenerates the human body but if you do not get enough sleep then your body will not respond positively and this may lead to tiredness. For an adult the average sleeping time is eight hours. In medical term this condition is called as oversleeping or hypersomnia. There are many causes of sleeping too much. The common causes of poor sleep are stress, depression, lack of self-discipline etc. These causes are temporary and one can take care of it with determination and self-possession. But there are many causes that can be deal with clinically. Such causes are not same as temporary causes and they need immediate medical attention.

Causes of Over Sleeping

Depression: Depression is the main cause of oversleeping. When we are depressed we keep ourselves away from our sadness. Due to depression our mind gets tired and hence we try to get some rest through excess sleep. Oversleeping only makes things worse and such people feel more depressed even after wake up. Once you wake up even after taking plenty of sleep you again feel like sleeping again. The symptoms of depression are different from person to person. In few incidents of depression one can loss or gain excessive weight. Talk to your doctor whenever you are sad and feel low most of the time.

Poor Diet: A poor diet also makes people tired in very short period of time. Eating unhealthy foods like fast food, junk food etc. lead to somnolence. Hence one should follow a healthy and nutritious food items n order to avoid over sleeping. Vegetables, fruits, pulses, sprouts, eggs and dairy products like milk, yogurt etc. are healthy food items that are rich in all kind of nutrients like vitamins and minerals.  Make a reduction in the intake of junk and oily food.

Stress: Stress is another cause of oversleeping because people try to avoid tensions by sleeping. The perfect example of over sleeping due to stress can be found in children. Due to stress of exams children do not want to study and they go to sleep to avoid stress. Same thing applied on adults as they also want to avoid thinking about a stressful issue and for this they take sleep.

Health Conditions: There are various health conditions that are also responsible for excessive sleeping. Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder that cause over sleeping. People who are taking strong medications from long period of time often feel tired that usual. People who works overtime throughout the week often feel sleepy all the time and spend their entire weekend in sleeping. Lack of rest and sleep throughout the week leads someone to over sleeping in the weekend.

How to Stop Over Sleeping

  • During the initial phase it is difficult to wake up early or at right time. Buy annoying alarm clocks as lots of loud bother your sleep. At starting you will wake up with highly offensive mood but slowly you will become habitual of it. Understand that wake up early in the morning is beneficial for you and keep you healthy.  Usually eight hours of sleep is enough for normal human beings.
  • A strong mind set also plays an important role in order to stop over sleeping. Stop loving your sleep and get up early in the every morning. Made reduction in the amount of sleeping time. Over sleeping will lead you to severe health problems. Headache, heart problems, bloating, hypertension and constipation are some common symptoms of over sleeping.
  • You just need to be patient as the process takes time. You cannot wake up early in the morning every day as it is difficult to follow the process every day. The process will take few months and after few time your mind will get used to wake up early.