Caverta is all worthy of praise it has got for being one of most amazing treatments for erectile dysfunction. This medication incorporates best ingredient, Sildenafil citrate that assists to pass through erectile disabilities with ease and success. Caverta’s potential is very high and can help men do away with ED within 30 to 40 minutes. This drug is not aphrodisiac, hence require arousal on intake. It does not start working until backed up with arousal. A pill needs to be taken prior to sexual activity. Men can enjoy foreplay till the drug comes into action mode. Foreplay is also very important while taking caverta. Caverta is number one choice of healthcare professionals for treating ED. This efficient and trustworthy anti-impotence remedy not only assembles men’s sexual life, also save their relationship from falling apart.

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Men reproductive organ all depends on heavy blood flow in for achieving harder erection. A desire for sexual intimacy in men expands arteries and blood vessels in penis ensuing letting in blood flow in abundance. An enzyme cGMP backs up this entire process. However, erectile dysfunction is a condition when cGMP enzyme is replaced by another monstrous enzyme PDE5, which turn men’s sexual life upside down. PDE5 enzyme compresses arteries and blocks blood vessels in men. Due to which blood is unable to reach penile area on stimulation. The male organ of copulation is unable to achieve hardening in absence of blood. Caverta is PDE5 inhibitor by nature. Its consumption is ensued by inhibition of PDE5 enzyme. The drug further relaxes blood vessels and arteries and also releases cGMP enzyme and nitric oxide in the body. All these things lead to heavy blood flow to the penile region. Men also get the power of keeping erections for longer time, so that sexual activity is not interrupted. Urge for love making is most important with caverta as without it attaining erections is just impossible.


Caverta is at its best when taken under medical advice. It varied dosages are suitable for different stages of erectile dysfunction, and only a doctor can find out the desirable dose for you. The most recommended dose of caverta is 50mg. The maximum dosage of the drug is 100mg. The advocated dose is to be taken at least 30 minutes before the lovemaking. Caverta dethaws in the bloodstream and ejects substances like cGMP enzyme and nitric oxide for treating impotence. The entire activity takes about 30 to 40 minutes, hence taking the drug in advance is important. The effect of the drug lasts for about 4 to 5 hours. Take only one pill per day. Taking two or more pills in a day is hazardous to health. Next pill should compulsorily be taken after 24 hours. Always swallow caverta with water. Keep stomach light or empty before ingesting the drug. Heavy stomach impedes the working of the drug, hence results are delayed.

Side Effects

All medications are entrusted with some side effects, which make appearance at some or the other time. Caverta is a safe ED treatment, but it has got some side effects that normally occur on the drug intake. These common occurrences stop permanently once body becomes familiar with the drug. do not stop taking the drug. The most common side effects of caverta are- headache, stomach upset, facial flushing, light sensitivity, blur vision, dopiness etc.

On the flip side, caverta can also deliver some rare side effects. Fatal side effects of the drug include- heart failure, long stiffness, irregular heartbeat, stroke, chest pain, breathlessness, and so on. The outcome of these side effects cannot be directly linked with the intake of caverta and are more likely to occur on taking overdose. These side effects need immediate professional treatment. For more information on caverta side effects, consult your doctor.


Men with heart related issues should not use caverta. They should first consult doctor and then only continue with the drug.
If experience nausea, dizziness or any other health problem during the sexual activity, stop the drug intake and seek medical aid.
A person allergic to Sildenafil citrate, main component of the drug, need not to take the drug. Consult doctor first.
If having liver problem, kidney problem, sickle cell anemia, high blood pressure, eye diseases, stomach ulcers, bleeding problems etc. inform doctor and on consultation only use caverta.
Caverta is only for men suffering with erectile dysfunction. Children and women should not use it.
Men above the age of 55 years should use the drug on seeking medical advice.
The drug does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) neither it’s an aphrodisiac.
Do not undertake any activity after taking the drug as it causes dizziness.
To avoid the delay of the results never take the drug after taking heavy meal.


Alcohol intake may create problem in hardening, hence avoid it.
Using the drug for any other purpose other than treating ED can cause severe health problems.
Don’t become habitual to caverta. It is dangerous to sexual health.
Grapefruit is unsafe combination with the drug resulting in causing serious health harms.
Check for the expiry date for sure before taking the drug.