Corporate wear in winters

Corporate world appreciates perfection in every section of work i.e. performance, result, output everything. This environment needs perfection in apparels also. Formals are important whether you are he/ she you must grace your look in formals as casuals are strictly prohibited. Corporate world have their protocols for different things but overall your look must be professional in office. The look must define your style, profession, decency and elegancy. A smart professional look is the first key of the judgement. You must be careful about your outfit, makeup, shoes or accessories.

Here in this article, we discuss the tips which may help you to brush up your look in the office. When we talk about men in fashion they are quite selective but when it’s about formals then they have basics like proper ironed shirt, polished shoes, wrist watch, tie etc. In winters there are many options to make your look smart during winters also. Here are some options,

Three piece suit- This is a classic collection for business trips and meetings. Most suitable outfit to don during winters. The waist coat must be of same fabric and shade as the jackets and the trousers have.  The three piece suit structure is perfect which has a proper fit. It can be worn without full sleeves shirt, you can remove your jacket if you want; it does not ruin the look of the suit.

  Short overcoats- It is the new way to make this winters more elegance. As, the name explains itself short overcoats are not those old style long overcoats. They are short i.e. mostly above the knee length, which is the peak style for winters now. It makes your look magnificent and smart during meetings in offices etc. They are super in men’s shades like black, brown, chocolate brown, navy blue, grey also. They are best to have in your formal outfits and casual as well. It is the best way to look trendy plus professional during winters.

Short collared shirts- It is one of the most neat and elegant trend which introduced in collars, makes the look smart and professional in all ways. These short collars are more popular than the other length collar shirts. You can pair it with jeans and formal pants. Also, it can be worn under the business suits. They are available in different shades; best to wear with tuxedo.

Slim ties- Ties are the most essential accessories for the formal outfit. The formal apparels are incomplete without the TIE. Slim ties are the latest trend. There slim and sharp look enhance your look to the top. It must wear with business suits and shirts too. Have a collection of ties with different shades and prints; else you can have basic shades like black, blue, red, grey etc which you can match with your shirts or business suits.    

Double breasted jacket- These jackets are suitable for tall or lean personality. They have set of buttons on each sides, the right side folding of the jacket secures the left side. From 80’s, these jackets are more in trend with some more sharpness in their designs. It makes the look broad but if you are tall personality then it is well suited on you.

For WOMEN, corporate environment welcomes their female employees in formal too. Besides the apparels, their makeup and accessories plays an important role. Let’s discuss it…

Knee length skirts- Skirts are the most primary choice for working women to don in office. It can pair with blouses and blazers. During winters, the shades which are in trend as always are black, navy blue, brown; basic shades that can be paired by any blouse of your own choice and shade. In work place the fitting of the skirt must be perfect i.e. smart fit.

Short jackets- The short jackets can be wearing at work place that updates your look. They have so sharp and elegant look that has a perfect shape and fit. You can pair it with trousers and skirts. These jackets help to make your look refreshing.   

Blouses – Blouses are the feminine shirts which can pair with both skirts and trousers. Now, women in corporate environment have an option of wearing the outfit which provides comfort to them. These blouses do not look like men shirts but completely suitable to the shape of the body and with smart fit.  You can select any colour for the blouses; you can try light shades like pink, peach, cream etc shades as they are soothing.

Wool wrap – Wool wrap is also there in list to rejoice your formal look. You can wrap the neck with the short-medium scarves. They are available in different prints and shades also.

Accessories – This is the most pivotal part of the look. They add glory; that completes your look. Smart selection of accessories is important so that you look professional in all terms else it ruin all.

High pointed heels- it inspires your look; as fashionable you are your feet will also look trendy in office. They are great with formal apparels. If you are not comfortable in high heels then you can move for wedges or flats. Make your feet classy.

Hand bags- They must be decent and smart not loud in colour or design. Choose basic formal shades that are suitable for office environment as black, blue, chocolate brown etc are good.

Earrings and makeup- Pearl earrings are best in offices, their look is decent and classy perfect for this environment. Makeup should not loud and heavy as it is not at all appropriate for offices; does not reflect professionalism. Try to be decent and elegant in selection of earrings and makeup too.