Cutting down Smoking is beneficial

Smoking is a bad habit not at all beneficial in terms of health. Yes, it is very difficult to quit smoke in one go. The smokers who develop this habit; in daily terms that person is smoking 4 or 5 cigarette per day, definitely an arduous task to quit that indeed. But there is a great saying “When there is a will there is a way”, so with a great will power, proper guidance of doctors, healthy diet and other activities may help to control yourself. It may take some time but your own decision this will be possible.

Every packet of cigarette there is written “Smoking is Injurious for Health” but how many of us really think about it? Everyone desires for a tobacco free life but did we really make an effort..?

Quit smoking is really hard, difficult to change your habit so instantly. But you have to make up your mind for it.
As first – Decide by yourself to go for a change….

Decide it to cut down smoking slowly on each day. It is not possible to completely change in one fine day. But if you wish to change YOU CAN CHANGE. Perhaps, if you smoke 5 to 6 cigarette in a day then you cut it to 4 cigarette on next day, it can continue for few days more and then cut it to 3 and so on….. Try it.

Second – If mind diverts…..!!

If your mind diverts towards smoking then you can make yourself busy in other activities which ever you like. You can concentrate on your hobbies, can go for walk or meditation that will help you to control yourself and make your mind strong. This is slow and steady process to quit smoking completely. But it will help you to bring positive changes in your lifestyle and most important is health.

Smoking is injurious for health it is written everywhere, notifications are there to alert us that yes it is bad. How can be smoking is injurious for health? Why should we quit it? What benefits do we get if we cut it down? Every smoker wants to know the answers before quitting this deadly habit. So let’s discuss some effects and benefits of smoking that we encourage you to cut it down.

Smoking truly affects our immune system. Immune system protects our body from infection and diseases. It act like a great wall which protects us from unknown enemies i.e. bacteria or virus. Weak immune system invites any kind of infections in the body. Smoking leads to affect –
• Lungs
• Heart and blood vessels
• Bones
• Cancer
Smoking mostly affects our respiratory system. A single cigarette can harm the lungs or scar it. Smoking causes lungs disease like:

Emphysema– It is a condition in which air sacs looses their flexibility to stretch and shrink. Tissues are destroyed and causes problem in breathing.
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – this causes chest tightness, difficulty in breathing, whistle sound while breathing which get worse and leads to asthma. Other than this pneumonia and tuberculosis can cause.
Secondly, it affects the circulatory system. Tobacco contains lots of chemicals and tobacco smoke can harm the heart functions and blood vessels also. This can increase the chances of
Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) – These includes heart attack, high blood pressure, chest pain, arteries damage or blockage can happen.
Stroke – In this situation, the brain cells are damage or dead which can cause bleeding or clots.

Third, it affects bones. Smoking at early age leads to great risk for bones also. Smoking also affects our bones and can cause Osteoporosis. In this condition bones starts getting very weak and can leads to fracture.
The bone mass density reduced, mostly affects older age men and women who does not quit smoking.
Fourth, smoking can cause cancer. Primarily, smoking damages the lung and thus, leads to lung cancer. Tobacco smoke contains lots of chemicals and most of them play role to cause cancer. Other than lungs, smoking affects whole body i.e. cancer can happen in various parts of body like trachea, kidney, liver, nasal cavity bronchus etc are affected by smoking.

Thus, having habit of smoking will attack the body from all directions. After this quitting smoking is better choice.
But yes before making up your mind to quit it. You must know why it is beneficial. As soon as we quit this habit, the body starts repairing itself. Body tissues continue their repairing work if we continue to ban the smoking.
Getting benefits is not a faster deal but it is a slow and steady deal but at the end this deal leads to profit only. As cutting the smoking process starts; gives you profit
After 5to6 hours – The blood pressure and heart beat gets stable and becomes normal than earlier.
Within a day – If you can ignore smoking in a day then
1)  Level of carbon monoxide reduces
2) Oxygen can easily reach to heart and most of the parts of body
3) All amount of nicotine in the blood gets removed completely
4)  Body temperature becomes normal
5) During a week – Lungs starts recovering day by day. Within a week
6) lung is able to work properly as it can remove dust, mucus
7) level of protective antioxidants is increased
8) Senses start working as sense of taste and smell gets repaired.
After 3 months – After this much time period of cutting down smoking you will able to feel.

Immune system starts recovering. Immune system is able to fight against infections

Blood circulation gets improved. Blood becomes less thick and the flow gets normal.

Problem of wheezing and coughing become less, tobacco smoke level starts decreasing.

6 months- a long time – After this much time the stress level is decreased now. Coughing is also less.
After 1 year- a total change – One year to quit smoking is a great challenge for smokers but if you able to do this then you can notice the change in your health.

Breathing becomes easier.

Respiratory system is now become healthy.