Cyclosporine: medicine that works on the root causes of eye

Cyclosporine is the name of the generic medicine that is quite commonly used to treat the dry eye syndrome. It is also called generic restasis in the medical terminology. This medicine has actually proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of the dry eye syndrome. The actual strength of the medical components of this solution is 0.05%.

Cyclosporine is the part of the medicine class called Immunomoulators. As the name suggests, the dry eye syndrome refers to the medical condition pertaining to the eye where the fluids have dried. Due to this other diseases, including glaucoma, get induced. The individuals who have been diagnosed with this particular eye condition also have the issue with their tear glands. It is because of the incapability of the tear gland to produce the necessary fluids this medical condition is caused. By the regular use of this medicine, the tear glands are able to get back their ability to produce the fluids. It is a long lasting cure for this eye condition as it works at the cellular level and not superficially.

Most of the medicines that are available in the market for the restoration of the eye fluids provide only the temporary remedy. They do so by producing artificial tears in the eyes of the person. However, as already mentioned, cyclosporine is meant to provide the permanent cure. Instead of supplying the artificial fluids to the eyes, it works with the tear glands and restores their ability to produce natural tears and fluids. These liquids are extremely important to maintain the health of the eye.

The dry eye syndrome is usually temporary but sometimes it is also chronic. The inflammation in the eye also results in the dryness. Use of cyclosporine is common for the treatment of both states of this eye condition.

Cyclosporine can be purchased in the form of eye-drops, pills, and injection. Since eye drop works directly with the eye, it is the best form of this medicine.

Remember that cyclosporine is not a palliative treatment. It works on the root cause of the problem and treats it for long lasting results. The tears lubricate the eyes and they are produced by tear glands. The doctor may also prescribe the artificial tear inducing drops in the meantime while cyclosporine works on the root cause of the problem.

Due to the working mechanism of this medicine the dry eye syndrome gets treated. Every medicine works in its very own way to provide certain results for the specific types of diseases. There are many types of medicines whose exact working mechanism is very well known to everyone. However, the working mechanism of some of the medicines is not known. Cyclosporine is one of the medicines whose working is yet to be discovered.

The good thing is that even though the exact working mechanism of cyclosporine is not known, it still is highly effective in the treatment of dry eye syndrome. It has also been approved by FDA. Several studies at the most reputed medical institutes are already underway to find out how exactly the medicine works. There are some theories around it but nothing solid is known yet. What we need to know is that in spite of the fact that the true working mechanism of cyclosporine is not available, it is still prescribed by the eye doctors all over the world. This goes on to tell that the medicine is effective. This medicine provides the lubrication over the ocular surface of the eye.

The medicine should only be used when it is prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of chronic as well as temporary dry eye syndrome.  1 drop of cyclosporine is the most recommended dose for the eye affected with dry eye syndrome. Usually, 2 doses a day are prescribed by the doctor. There should be a gap of at least 12 hours between the two doses. Make sure not to increase the dosage unless the doctor has recommended it. After pouring cyclosporine solution in your eye, keep your eyes closed for nearly 5 minutes. This allows the solution to spread evenly on the eye surface. It may take several months for the results to appear. This is the reason why the doctors may recommend tear inducing solution along with cyclosporine. Use such medicine only when it has been prescribed by the doctor. If you are using artificial tear drops along with cyclosporine make sure that both of them are used at a gap of at least 30 minutes. Once the tear gland is able to produce the natural tears again, you will not require the artificial tears.

If you have any existing eye infection, do not use cyclosporine without consulting the doctor.
The ingredients of the medicine may cause certain allergies in some patients. If you notice any allergies due to the use of the medicine make sure that you let the doctor know about it.
Cyclosporine has some side effects. You may experience redness in the eye and burning sensation. This is quite common. However, if it gets serious make sure you seek medical help.
This medicine is not suitable for the pregnant women. It has the tendency to affect the foetus. Pregnant women with dry eye syndrome must explain their situation to the doctor so that they can recommend the proper medicine.
There are some elements of this medicine that get transferred to the break milk. This is the reason why the women who are breastfeeding the kids must not use this medicine without speaking to the doctor.
If you have been using any other medicine or solution for the eye, make sure you tell the doctor about it. Some eye drops are known to interact with the components of cyclosporine. This can cause complications.
Take the contact lenses off before pouring the drop in your eyes.

Side Effects

Common side effects of the medicine:

– Redness in the eye
– Itching
– Watery eyes
– Foreign Body Sensation
– Blurred vision