Cyclosporine: The Safest and Most Effective Treatment for Dry Eyes

Cyclosporine is also very well known as generic restasis. It is a very effective medicine in the treatment of the dry eye syndrome. Usually the medicine is found with the strength of 0.05%. There is a class of medications that is known in the medical world as immunomodulators. Cyclosporine belongs to this class. The people who are suffering from dry eyes also have their tear glands affected. This is the main reason why they suffer from this problem. The consumption of this medicine helps in increasing the production of the tear and thus it helps in the treatment of the dry eye. The primary cause behind this disease of dry eyes is the auto-immune response. This eye drop works directly on the immune system and therefore it is able to cure this syndrome. The point to note is that cyclosporine does not induce artificial tear in the eyes. Instead, it restores the natural ability of the eyes to produce the tears and thus increases the fluid level in the eyes removing the dryness. Sometimes the dry eye situation is also caused by the inflammation. This medicine is very effective in treating this chronic condition. Variants of cyclosporine are also avaialbel in the oral and injection form. However, the eye drops have proven to be the most effective in most of the cases.

The 0.05% solution or the restasis ophthalmic emulsion is prescribed to the patients who are suffering from the temporary or chronic dry eye syndrome. By aiding the natural ability of the eyes to produce tears it helps in removing the dryness. The medicine works on the root cause of the problem and is not palliative. The effects of cyclosporine can be long lasting.
Every medicine is designed with a specific program to work on the health issue it is meant for. In other words, it is the mechanism of any medicine that results in the treatment of the health problem. Every medicine has a working mechanism. They work in a certain way to treat the particular health problem. While the working mechanism of some of the medicines is made public, for some of the medicines is unknown. Cyclosporine is the medicine whose working mechanism is not known to the public. Although the mechanism is not known, it is still a very safe medicine to use. Also, this medicine has helped millions of people around the world to treat the dry eye syndrome. There are various ongoing studies trying to find out how does this medicine actually work. Hopefully we will soon know how these eye drops actually help in the treatment of dry eye. Although the exact mechanism of cyclosporine is still unknown but it is prescribed extensively by the doctors to the patients who are suffering from the dry eye disease. The dry eyes usually occur due to the inflammation in the ocular surface and lacrimal gland.
This eye drop works on these problems and helps in reducing the inflammation.

Cyclosporine is prescribed by the doctors to the people who are suffering from the dry eye syndrome problem. Whether the problem is chronic or temporary, this medicine is recommended for both. The objective of the medicine is to increase the production of the tears in the eyes naturally so that the eyes can remain moist. The patient suffering from dry eye who has been prescribed this medicine must put only one drop in the affected eye.
The doctors usually prescribe two doses a day. There should be a difference of nearly 12 hours between each dose. Once you have dropped the solution in your eye make sure the eyes remain closed for about 4-5 minutes. This is to make sure that the cyclosporine becomes completely effective

It takes time for the drug to show the real results. You may have to wait for up to six months.
Your doctor may prescribe the artificial tear solution for your eyes along with cyclosporine. However, do not use such medicine without consulting the doctor.
If you are using the artificial tear drop make sure that there is at least 15 minutes of gap between it and cyclosporine. Once this medicine starts to work you will not need the drops for artificial tears. If you have any eye infection at any particular time, do not use this eye drop.

Burning, reddening of the eye, are eye irritation are some of the common symptoms of cyclosporine eye drop and do not last for long. Should they last longer you must see the doctor. There are some other drugs that may interact with this eye drop. If you are using any medicine for the eye or any other eye drop you must tell your doctor about them very clearly. Cyclosporine or generic restasis may not be completely safe for the pregnant women. It may have some harmful effect on the foetus. This is why the pregnant ladies must certainly consult the doctor before using these eye drops. Certain components of the medicine may pass in to the breast milk. This is the reason why lactating women must speak to the doctor before using the cyclosporine ear drops.

People who are suffering from the dry eye syndrome must not use the contact lenses. In case you are using the contact lenses make sure that you remove them before using the eye drop. You must not wear the contact lenses back for at least 30 minutes after putting these eye drops.

Side Effects

Not everyone who is using the cyclosporine will feel the side effects. Most of the side effects are gentle and do not require any medical treatment. Here are some of them:

Redness in the eye
Watery eyes
Sensation of foreign body
Blurred vision

If the side effects do not go away for a long time or worsen, make sure that you consult your doctor.