Cyclosporine is a top class treatment for people with dry eye disease. This drug belongs to the class of drugs called immunomodulators. Cyclosporine causes the production of tears in eyes in order to treat dry eye. Swelling is commonly followed by dry eyes, hence the use of the drug treats swelling as well. It is a world over popular medication treatment for dry eyes problem. Earlier the drug is taken, chances are high that the condition would get better soon and definitely would not worsen more.
There are various causes of dry eyes. However, cyclosporine can work out the problem irrespective of the cause and age of a person. All need to be done is too take the drug on medical advice. A doctor goes through the problem in entirety, and then prescribes the dose. It is very important to take the right dose for quick treatment.

Dosage Tips and Guidelines

Cyclosporine is a drug in liquid form. It is not applied rather instilled in eyes in drops. It is up to the doctor to suggest how many drops to be put in eyes. Cyclosporine is usually advised to be used twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening time. Use the drug at the same time every day. It is good to use the drug at same timings for faster results. Don’t change timings often. A gap of twelve hours is good to maintain between two dosages. It keeps a healthy balance. Keeping dosage rules in mind is very important. Use the drug exactly as directed. Do not increase or decrease the dose on own. If suspect overdose, at once consult your doctor. Do not stop the treatment until advised by a doctor. The drug is only for the use in eyes; do not apply it on eye skin. Also, do not swallow it. Cyclosporine comes in small bottles. Every single bottle is considered a dose. Finish it off once the bottle is opened. Do not use it again.
Note- Try not to miss your dose often. If by chance forget taking the dose, take it as soon you recall. However, if it is time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and go forward with the next dose.

Cyclosporine Usage
Few instructions are must to be kept in mind every time the drug is used. They are useful in promoting sanitary practices. Here are the usage instructions of cyclosporine.
Wash hands with soap every time using the drug.
Stir the bottle before opening up.
After opening the bottle, don’t touch dropper with hands. Also, do not rub it against skin.
Tilt head backwards and make a pouch of eyes. Instill drops carefully.
Hold dropper close to eyes while dropping in drops.
Keep eyes shut for few seconds. Do not blink. Gently open eyes.
Wipe the liquid with tissue from eyes and face.
If using any other eye medications for the same eye, wait for 5 minutes before instilling the other drug. Do not use two different eye drops at the same time.
Wash hands again to wipe out the left over medication.
The rules using the drug are simple. All you need is to be careful.

Side Effects
Cyclosporine is a prescribed drug, so the chances of coming about of side effects are washy. However, there are certain symptoms that occur usually on taking the drug. They usually come about when first taking the drug and vanish completely after taking the drug for few times. These symptoms do not last long and don’t even need to be treated. There is nothing to worry about side effects like- burning eyes, pain in eyes, discharge from eyes, vision changes, itchiness, red eyes, tears overflow, feeling that something is in eyes etc.
Some unusual side effects also occur sometimes, but very rarely. They are generally the result of playing with the dose on own. Serious side effects of cyclosporine are- rashes, hives, swelling, breathing issue, dizziness and so on. See your healthcare professional immediately.

Always store the drug at room temperature to avoid making it out of use soon.
Children and pets should be kept away from the drug.
Store the drug away from heat, light and moisture.
If allergic to cyclosporine, do not use the drug.
If using any prescription or non prescription drug, or any other health supplement, do inform your doctor.
Contact lenses need to be removed prior instilling the drug in eyes.
All activities should be kept at bay after using cyclosporine.
Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant mothers need to take the drug on medical advice only.
If undergoing any other eye treatment, tell your doctor.
Do not share your drug with anyone.