Diabetes Can Cause Hair Loss

Diabetes comes along with numbers of health problems and hair loss is one of them. India is the leading country in the world where numbers of diabetic patients live. According to the WHO India will become the “Diabetes Capital” by the year 2050. It is important to take some serious steps in order to diagnose diabetes. Everyone is aware with this fact that diabetes affects individual’s health in many ways and leads to many health disorders. This disease is top on the list of most terrible diseases. For most people the affect of diabetes become routine of their life. It is a serious disease and a cause of worry. Diabetes also affects individual’s physical appearance. Hair fall or hair loss due to diabetes is a common symptom of this disease and we start losing few hairs every day. Losing few hairs everyday may not be a cause of worry for you but losing more than that is a cause of worry as it can lead to hair loss. For most diabetes patients hair fall starts steadily before the diagnosis of diabetes. In most cases hair fall is followed by other symptoms like low energy levels, dry mouth, feeling thirsty all the time, sudden vision loss, frequent urination and many more then the fundamental cause may be diabetes and you might have proper health checkup.

Diabetes is an adverse effect of an unhealthy lifestyle habits. Unhealthy nutrition, junk food, stress etc. are some unhealthy lifestyle habits and these unhealthy lifestyle habits lead to diabetes and all other diseases. People who are diagnosed with diabetes are at higher risk of getting affected by various health disorders like kidney problems, heart problems, eye problems and all other health problems. Hair fall issue is not life threatening and that’s why it is lesser talked issue. But diabetes invites hair loss equally with the same speed like other health risks. In this article we will let you know about the causes that trigger hair loss in diabetes.

Poor Blood Circulation: Everyone knows that healthy nutrition is very important for healthy hair. Good blood circulation to the scalp is responsible for the overall health of your hair as good blood flow to the scalp really helps to reach out to all the essential nutrients to the hair. The blood circulation gets affected due to diabetes and it leads to poor blood circulation. Hair follicles become weak due to insufficient nutrition and finally hair follicles die. The deficiency of the blood to the scalp prevents the growth of new hair.

Imbalance of Hormones: Imbalance of hormones also affects our body in many ways and hair fall is the major symptom of the hormonal imbalance. According to the healthcare providers hormonal change affects the overall health of your hair and one can suffer from hair loss.

High Blood Sugar Levels: As we have mentioned above that high blood sugar levels may also lead to hair loss. The essential nutrients cannot reach to the hair follicles due to high level of glucose in the blood. What to say more, diabetes leads to poor blood circulation and the poor circulation of blood leads to hair loss due to insufficient amount of nutrients in the blood. Excessive hair fall is the result of high blood sugar levels.

Weak Immune System: The risk of getting affected by certain health issues gets increased due to the weak immune system. One can suffer from thyroid, skin problems like skin rashes and unhealthy scalp. One can experience excessive hair fall due to not functioning of thyroid properly. Unhealthy scalp causes weak hair roots and the result of weak hair roots is hair fall.

Excessive Use of Medicines: Due to the consumption of different types of medicine for diabetes one can suffer from hair loss and all other hair problems. Consult with your doctor and get possible solution of diabetes.

Stress: We have discussed all the physical causes of hair fall due to diabetes but there are various mental factors too that leads to hair loss. Stress is the major cause of hair fall among all mental factors. Pay attention to your diet, lifestyle and stay away from stress. Making changes in lifestyle habits and diet can be stressful especially in the initial days.

Mental stress leads to various health problems along with hair fall. Daily exercise, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle should be part of your life.