Drink Green Tea Daily for Good Health

Go to any physician for any health cause and first thing they dictate to do is to drink green tea. Drink tea is not a harmful beverage. In fact, it does not have side effects in the least. Green tea is made to give multiple health benefits. For overall benefit of health this drink is necessary and essential. Drinking green tea twice a day is extremely beneficial to health. Else, drinking once is mandatory.

The most visible plus point of green tea is in reducing flab from the body. Drink green tea daily and in some days will find the effect in the body. Both obese people and fatty people should take this beverage regularly as medication. Surely you will lose some kilos. Make taking green tea a regular habit.

For the proper regulation of heart also green tea is good. It prevents many heart diseases to occur. Antioxidants are essential for removing radicals that otherwise get stuck in arteries and causes heart problems like heart attack, strokes and so on. Green tea contains antioxidants, hence all the more important for heart and health both. This drink is laden with many qualities.

Everyone knows high cholesterol is harmful for the body. Green tea is helpful in maintaining the level of body cholesterol. Drinking green tea lowers cholesterol level. When the amount of cholesterol is appropriate in the body fat automatically reduces and person gets slim. A healthy person lives long. Therefore, it can be said green tea also elongates person’s lifespan.

Apart from physical health, the impact of green tea can also be felt on mental health. Enhance power and health of your mind by taking this drink. Green tea improves body and mind in an overall manner. People who take this beverage have sharp mind and good memory. In fact, green tea is also good in boosting self esteem. When a person is healthy by mind and body both, then certainly confidence comes to him reflexively.

All the above reasons narrate why green tea is so much preferred. It is actually beneficial and promotes well being in an overall manner. Enjoy its amazing benefits by taking it every day. Children, young people and old people, for everyone it is good. Start giving your child green tea from an early age. Green tea improves health in all ways. Just two cups of green tea daily gives you physical health, mental health, energy and above all, a big smile, which exhibit vibrancy in you.

Drinking Water Should Not Be Neglected

Water is very important for living. There is no life without water. When human body was examined maximum percentage of water was found in it. Human body is consists of 80% water. This explained clearly how important water is for the body. Many bodily functions are regulated by water inside the body. Some of the important functions regulated by water are- digestion, excretion, regulating body temperature, etc.

When it is known water is required for so many body functioning’s, if then also it is not taken in the proper amount, body suffers from dehydration. Humans are suggested to take water in proper amount daily. Taking water on empty stomach is best. It is easily absorbed by the body and aids in functioning’s.

Below are described more benefits of water. It will make you clear why water is good for your health.
Stomach related issues like constipation and so on are taking much toll nowadays. Deficiency of water is the main cause. These problems can be mastered by drinking water in high amount every day.

Water also provides protection against heart diseases by regulating blood volume. Regulation of blood volume is important to prevent thickening of blood. It is helpful in reducing the risk of heart diseases like heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and so on.

Risks of cancer related problems reduced a lot if daily intake of water is sufficient. Water helps in eliminating colon cancer, breast cancer and bladder cancer.

Water prevents kidney problems like stones and also infections in the urinary tract. Actually toxins and waste substances get released by drinking water in the form of urine and sweating. A toxin free body does not suffer from health diseases and remain healthy always.

Water is also helpful in improving quality of skin. Skin becomes soft, supple and smooth. Water keeps skin hydrated and prevents wrinkles also. Drinking water is also essential for keeping body in energetic mode.
Regular drinking water is a good, healthy and inexpensive way to reduce weight. Water intake aids in calories burn. Calorie burn is one way through which water leads to weight loss. It also acts as a good appetite suppressant. Drink water prior having a meal and will feel full. The result is you will eat less, which is important for weight loss.

Reading the above measures will surely increase your knowledge regarding the importance of water for the body. Do not neglect drinking water at any cost. Much stress is given on drinking water, which is absolutely essential. However, it is equally important to know how much water one should drink each day. Let’s make water intake simple. One should stick to drinking eight glass of water every day. It is the minimum quantity mentioned. If you can drink more water without any problem, just go for it.

Apart from water, also drink juices, take watery vegetables and other such eatables. They are also a good source of water. Herbal tea should be included in the diet. Herbal tea is very healthy for the body. Drinks which are rich in nutrients should only be taken more. Processed drinks should be avoided completely. They lead to weight gain and are not good for health.