Edegra is an oral pill to treat ED in men; it assists give a new sex desire to the men. Most of the men are found at risk of erectile dysfunction, which becomes a barrier for their sexual life. This disorder’s had been affected the youngster as well. An enhancement in the libido level indirectly leads to irritation in the penis and make inflexible to perform. This comprises a gradual flow of blood towards the penis making it hard to function and rigid to move. In short, anything that blocks the flow of blood towards the penis causes erectile dysfunctions. Men believe that this is one of the embarrassing stages, which they fail to share with their partners. A least flow of blood or sometimes an excessive flow of blood stood the reasons behind men’s erectile dysfunction. Men sexual stir up comprises hormones, brain nerves, emotions, blood vessels and muscles. Any difficulty to this stuff may lead to men erectile dysfunction. Certain complication fails the men to enjoy their sexual life. Sometimes, the sexual desire of the men gets reduced, which not only influence the men, but also a partner too. Facing certain difficulty leads to psychological disorder in many of the men. An Erectile dysfunction encompasses pain, irritation and itchiness in the penis, while getting into sexual intercourse. Getting into relationship demands an adequate response from the partner in which ED in men create a barrier for their sexual life. In short, to enjoy sexual life an adequate response from the partner is mandatory. Most of the men face’s this complication, but fail to share even with the doctors. I think consulting the doctor before the situation getting worse would be good. Erectile dysfunction is not an incurable condition; taking Edegra may help you to get rid of it. However, it depends upon the causes of such complications; since, men are likely to use certain stuff, which is harmful for their health and threatening for their sexual life.


An ED causes when the enough supply of blood fails to reach the penis due to certain impediment. A physical and mental health found responsible for Ed issue. Sometimes, an improper lifestyle and unhealthy eating habit found responsible for erectile dysfunction in men. Stress and improper frame of mind, sometimes lead to the nastiest ED condition. Most of the time, an anxiety becomes an obstacle for the sexual life. Sometimes, precautionary stuff such as condom leads to itchy penis. However, penile erectile can be judged by two ways; one an erection after touching it and another includes emotional spur. A sufficient blood supply leads to healthy penis and less risk of erection. There are various causes of erectile dysfunction, which includes diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disorders, cancer, smoking, etc. It has been found that hypertension makes the men adopt certain harmful habit like smoking, drinking alcohol, and many other drug addictions, which leads to barrier in sexual function. The smoking found one of the leading factors to cause destabilized blood circulation and leads to erectile dysfunction in men. The studies resulted that the man who smokes much may get an enormous complication in their sexual life. Furthermore, obesity has been an additional factor to cause erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, certain medication becomes a barrier for masculinity. A hormonal disorder is another leading factor, to cause sexual irritation in men. A spinal cord, brain injury, prostate disorder, etc. found an extra added factor for ED in men. Certain surgery of colon, bladder and prostate found another fact to cause the issue of erectile dysfunction. Growing older would be one of the facts to cause ED in men. Around 80% of men found suffering from this difficulty in old age.


Edegra is a medicine, which aids mending the condition of erectile dysfunction in men. It is an oral drug introduce only for men to get rid of sexual irritation while practicing sexual interaction. An existence of sildenafil citrate in Edegra works efficiently to soothe penile irritation. Its intake facilitates the flow of blood towards the penis and make flexible to perform. This drug acts like an anti impotence for men. One can have this drug in cheap price, to mend the condition of ED. It eases the penis hardening by managing muscles, veins and arteries aptly. Edegra helps ease the condition of erectile dysfunctions by mending the adjacent stuff of the penile. Since, ED makes the men hopeless and depressed; consuming Edegra helps men feel like mainlines.

Dosage recommendation

One needs to take the dosage according to the doctor’s recommendation. Take one dose in a day not more than that; since, it may lead to health barrier. Furthermore, do not crush or break the pills, intake it completely at once. Edegra is an anti impotence pill, which ease down the condition of erectile dysfunction, in men. You must have to take this pill before one hour of practicing sexual intercourse; since, it takes half an hour to come into effect. Consuming stuff, which holds oil and cheese, may bring down the effective time of the pills. Do not accompany these pills with other medicine, if in case you are under other medical treatments than do reveal this to the doctor. This medicine is only for the gents a woman should not consume it. An erectile dysfunction is not considered a disease; hence, one must not take this pill habitually. Take this pill, when you desire for the sex. Its daily unnecessary intake may found fatal for the health. The effect of these pills runs for 4 hours. In case of stomach disorder, giddiness, nausea, blurry vision, extreme exhaustion, rapid heartbeats, diarrhea, nasal blockage, etc. condition rush to the doctor to seek help.


Store the medicine at room temperature away from sunlight and children. Keep it in a tight box so that the air could not get passed.


Do not smoke or drink alcohol after intake of edegra; since, it may harm the health and could trim down the effect of the medicine.