Effective Tips for Maintaining Healthy Bones

Bricks and mortar are the foundation of strong and erected house. Building material quality has to be superior for longevity of the house; otherwise house breaks down or turns weak within short span of time. In the same manner, for body to remain strong and stand erect for years, it’s essential to take care of its bone structure. Bones are the support system of the body. Although they keep breaking from time to time, but automatically recover as well. However, with age body loses ability to recover bone as fast as earlier.

Since childhood it’s of prime importance to look after the bones. Your lifestyle, diet, physical activity etc are some parameters on which depends the fortune of your bones. Osteoporosis is the most common problem in postmenopausal women. It is characterized by loss of bones. Women above 65 years are prone to this health problem. At the same time men can also suffer from bone loss in their grey years. Breaking of bones is a trauma and results in serious health loss. In order to keep bones stronger some measures have always to be kept in mind. This article mentions some ways to build healthy and strong bones.

Take Calcium

Calcium is the essential component in the build-up of bones. In fact, calcium uptake is stressed upon for bones building. From childhood calcium should be started given. It is very important element for the body. Milk is the best source of calcium. Take two cups of milk each day. Various calcium medications are also available in the market.

Vitamin D

When it comes to bones, two things have to be kept in mind- calcium and vitamin D. Their combo can boost bones health tremendously. Calcium and vitamin D work together. The former makes bone stronger by providing the essential, while the later helps body in absorbing calcium. Citrus fruits are best source of vitamin D. Cereals, tuna, eggs are also supplements of vitamin D.

Say NO to Caffeine

You do not need to stop caffeine consumption completely, but yes, it is highly required to lessen its intake. Two cups of coffee or tea are sufficient for a day. Do not increase more than that, else caffeine would start interfering with bones. Bone loss is the direct result of excessive caffeine intake.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking is a way to harm health. Many studies have shown that smoking causes varied health harms. Smoking can also cause bone loss. It can trigger certain elements in the body which interfere with calcium absorption by the body. Bone mass automatically starts decreasing when body does not absorb calcium.

Exercise Daily

Exercise can eliminate number of health issues. It is also good at addressing bone problem. By inculcating exercise routine in life one save oneself from bone problem like bone loss and osteoporosis. Routine with less physical activity is a risk, especially for bones. Bone density can be triggered with physical exercise. Studies have also proved it. Cardiovascular workouts are most beneficial for bone build up. Do running, jogging, walking, stair climbing etc. Strength workouts also improve bone health. These should be followed by cardiovascular exercise. Try to take out minimum 30 minutes for exercise everyday without fail. Also push intensity with time.

Lastly, keep in touch with your physician if bones build up is on your priority list. Physicians are best guide as they are well aware of your health. He or she also knows well what is right step and which step can be dangerous for bones. You will get proper guidance at physician’s place. Hence, visit your doctor and get to know the right details for your bones.

Healthy bones are everybody’s requirement. They help in bearing external pressures. In today’s life external pressures are several. One needs to run to and fro from home to office and vice versa. Also, there are varied circumstances when you need your strong body to support you. Hence, start taking care of your bones. Seriously follow the methods mentioned above. These methods are best and key to building strong bones.

Your grey years should not be spent in taking drugs; rather that time should be enjoyed the most. However, it is only possible when you have health with you. Healthy bones are primary requirement in grey years. Hence, stick to the above methods and make the most of your life and time.