Energy Boosting Foods for Healthy Life

When it comes to maintain a healthy heart, cholesterol seems to be its all-time favorite lover, and this is definitely unhealthy for your heart. We often see to it that most people just follow an age old diet of reducing the intake of oil and red meat.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a very true old saying. Phytochemicals found in apple, acts as an anti-inflammatory an also prevents the blood from clotting. Apple is also high on fibers and vitamins. It can be a perfect snack for those who are always on the go. There are a number of ways in which you can eat apple like you can eat it as it is or make a juice out of it or you may even add it to salad and have it, in this way you will never get bore of it soon.


Lots people have stopped eating nuts for the amount of oil present into it, but there are very few who know that the oil present into it, is actually healthy for your heart. Almonds contain vitamin E that helps us keep our cholesterol level under control. Both apple and almond are high in the amount of fibers and vitamins content. Almonds are a perfect 5pm snacks, or you can add it to your diet by eating 4-5 soaked almonds each morning with your breakfasts.


Your heart will love you for serving fresh salmon as a healthy diet to it and so will your taste buds. Fish are very high in the amount of omega-3 fatty acid that prevents you from blood clotting. You are recommended to eat fish twice a week to maintain healthy heart. To make it healthier you can always opt for grilled fish and avoid spices and seasoning. Other healthy option to eat fish would be by adding it to your green salad.


Various berries such as, blueberries, strawberries, mulberry, cranberries, gooseberry, huckleberry etc are fully loaded with vitamin C. Due to so many flavors you will possibly never get bored of eating berries all your life. They are also rich in the amount of calcium and beta-carotene. Berries are high in fibers are a perfect breakfast diet to eat with oats or yogurt. Among all blueberries has the most number of nutrients that will keep your heart healthy and fine. A little care and help you protect yourself from carious heart diseases, so start eating the right stuff and stay safe. Apart from the above mentioned list you can always trust on fresh green vegetable, fruits (seasonal as well as local) whole grains, oats and brown rice they too are healthy for your heart.

People who run daily need energy in high amount. For performing running activity stamina and energy both are highly required. The only source through which body gains energy and vitality is healthy food. Foods provide energy in excess and also keep body free from diseases. Foods that are high source of energy are cited here. Read about them and take them in your diet daily.

Stamina building vegetables and fruits

Although all types of fruits and vegetables are source of providing energy. However, there are some specific fruits and veggies particularly known for imparting energy to the body. Apples, potatoes, berries etc. are various food items that aid in filling body with vitality. Diet rich in fruits and vegetables help in building healthy body.


Glucose is instant energy provider. A body feels relaxed after consuming drink containing glucose. No other drink is as strong as this one. It aids a lot in running by imparting strength to the body.

Eat Bananas

Bananas are biggest source of energy. Carbohydrates content is very high in them. Carbs are all over known for containing high energy. Runners should eat bananas daily and keep abreast with food containing food.


Pasta also fulfills energy requirement of the body. This high energy food is consumed all over the world by runners. It is good in taste also, hence liked by more people.

Some other foods that runners should include in their diet are- rice, sweet potatoes, nuts, eggs, whole grain foods, salmon, dark chocolate and so on. All these eatables are rich in energy and extremely good for health building. At last, here is an important piece of information for all runners. Having balanced diet is must for every runner. The above written foods are actually good for them. With providing energy, they enhance body’s stamina as well. Keeping body healthy is must.