Enjoy Healthy Vision For Years To Come

Beautifying eyes is easier; however preserving them for years is something everyone is not good at. Most people are well aware about the cosmetic products for giving best look to eyes. Pricey eye care products are sold on daily basis. But, people are forgetting along with it, it is also essential to take care of eyes. Just beautifying them is not sufficient or of enough good. Today’s hard life has taken toll over eyes. Eyes age earlier than body resulting in glasses or lenses. Weak vision is so common that it has been started taking normally. Every third is seen with spectacles or wearing lenses. There has to be done something so that eyes remain younger.

Many factors are responsible for weakening vision in a person. Day’s hard work, sitting on computer for long hours, less sleep, smoking, drinking, no eye exercise etc are the reasons causing eye problems. Eyes are very special. They work till a person is awake. They are no less than a lifeline. Life is nothing without eyesight. It is so special. Still it is been taken lightly by many. Eye care is not complicated that cannot be executed. Few simple things can help in preserving eyes.

1) Most important and most simple thing that can be done for eyes is splashing water as often as possible during the entire day. It gives relief to eyes as well as gives them break from work.

2) Eye conditioning can be done by blinking them often. Staring at an object for long can make eyes dehydrated further causing irritation and itching. So, blinking eyes is must and very important. Tears are also good conditioner for eyes. But, rather than crying it’s good to blink them.

3) Regular cleaning of eyes is highly recommended. Especially women into eye makeup activity have to be careful about it. Otherwise also it is good to keep eyes clean on a regular basis. Before saying goodnight it should be remembered to clean eyes.

4) Best thing can be done for eye is taking adequate rest every day. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is of the greatest importance. Even during the day do not forget to take small nap. It is also a part of taking rest and helps eyes in rejuvenating.

5) Diet is an important measure not to be forgotten. In point of fact, healthy diet is the mantra to most of health problems. Eat carrots, almonds, spinach, broccoli, green veggies, fish, red meat, citrus fruits, drink vegetable juices, nuts and all for healthy vision. These contain special nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc etc. that are good for eyes.

6) Lastly, its eye exercise. Imparting just 15 minutes to eye exercise can bring big positive change. Consult your physician for right eye exercises for you. Eye muscles get toned helping in improving eye vision. Also, eye movement becomes easy. Regular exercise is the key to it.

One simple eye workout is looking at any object set at a certain distance from eyes and looking continuously at it for about 30 seconds. It helps immensely but has to be done on a regular basis. Another simple but effective exercise is rotating eye balls once towards left and then towards right. Stop if feel giddy and resume after sometime. Daily do 10 repetitions. Rotating eyeballs once clockwise and then anti clockwise is also a good thing to do.

Never take eyes for granted. Vision problems are unhealthy and can even impair vision if neglected for a long time. Above suggested preventive measures are of great value. Their application on a regular basis is very good for eyes and keeps them protected. They are amazing for a long run as well. Younger looking eyes change overall persona.

Eye problems are increasing at high rate. There are varied eye issues affecting various people. Glaucoma, cataract, dry eye syndrome, retinal detachment, macular degeneration etc are some highly spread eye problems all over. The above measures can prevent them from occurring. At slight discomfort if you get something really special, then it is no big deal to go through that discomfort. Forget the pain for the gain. Eyes are window to the world and if that window gets closed, then life remains nothing. Value your eyes. Follow the above measures and enjoy healthy and clear vision for years to come.