Enjoy the Pleasures of Sexual Life Again with Silagra

Silagra is a generic medicine which is prescribed to the men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction or male impotency. Erectile dysfunction or ED is the sexual problem due to which the men are incapable of achieving substantial hardness in the penile region or they are not able to maintain the erection during the sexual intercourse. Due to this problem some men have also known to suffer from certain psychological disorders as well. However, since we have the medicines like Silagra, this is why men need not worry anymore.

There are several reasons that can cause the male impotency or the ED problem in men. This problem is usually associated with aging. Men who are in the middle age often complain of it. With age the blood vessels of the reproductive organ become constricted and thus the supply of blood reduces causing flaccidity in spite of considerable sexual arousal. However, the reasons are not always necessarily physical. For instance, men who are undergoing severe stress may also suffer from the ED issue. Sometimes, the causes of ED are not natural. For example, an injury may cause the blockages of the vessels and thereby reducing the flow of blood to the genitals. Regardless of the reasons, Silagra can restore the manhood and enable men to enjoy the sexual pleasures of life.

Silagra is comprised of the component called Sildenafil Citrate. In fact, this is the most important component of the medicine that helps in restoring the supply of the blood to the genitals of a male. Sildenafil is also referred to as PDE-5 inhibitor. PDE-5 is the enzyme that usually causes the reduced blood supply to the male reproductive organs.

Erectile dysfunction does not allow the men to have a satisfying sexual experience. But this does not only affect men. It affects both the partners. Due to the lack of satisfactory intercourse over a prolonged period of time both the partners often tend to become frustrated. It manifests in many forms such as stress, regular fights, and resentment. It might also result in the estrangement.

Silagra is an approved medicine for men affected from impotent. It is palliative but does provide quick results. It is safe and is trusted by millions of men worldwide. Sildenafil Citrate is a generic medicine like Viagra and this is how it works:

When the supply of the blood to the reproductive organ of the men is reduced they are not able to accomplish the penile hardness. Reduced blood supply results in flaccidity and thus the incapability to enjoy the normal sexual intercourse.

  • The enzyme named cGMP, which is also called cyclic GMP combines itself with Nitric Oxide (NO). Both of them together work as the genital muscle relaxant. The relaxed and comfortable genital muscles allow the blood vessels to get dilated properly. When the vessels are substantially widened the blood flow to the genital region increases automatically. In the event of sexual arousal the men are thus able to achieve the erection.
  • But men suffering from ED are not able to accomplish this as the PDE-5 enzyme suppresses the working of cGMP. When cGMP is not released then the blood vessels do not get dilated. This in turn prevents the proper erection of the male reproductive organ.
  • When it becomes effective it starts working as the PDE-5 inhibitor. The PDE-5 release is suppressed and thus the normal release of cGMP is encouraged.
  • cGMP starts working with NO again and restores the flow of the blood in the genital area. This is how the men are able to achieve proper penile stiffness after consuming Viagra Generics.
  • Silagra is a generic medicine which is available in the form of the 100 mg pill. This is the standard dose for men with normal health and preferably younger than 50.
  • Silagra is best consumed with water as its components are highly soluble. With water its results are expedited as well as optimized.
  • One should not break the bill or crush it before consumption. Silagra is a pill which is supposed to be consumed as it is.
  • This medicine must be consumed once in 24 hours. In case there is a need to increase the dose one must ask their doctor first.
  • The medicine needs to be taken only when one plans to have the sexual intercourse. Regular consumption without need is not required.
  • Silagra must be taken at least an hour before the planned sexual activity. The effects of the medicine last for nearly six hours.

Several things need to be kept in mind by those who are consuming Generic Viagra:

This medicine is meant only for the men who are experiencing the male impotency or erectile dysfunction problem. This is why it should not be taken without reason.

  • Silagra is meant for men and thus it must not be consumed by women at any time. It may lead to serious health issues. It must also be kept far from the reach of the kids.
  • Men who have a medical history and/or are on certain regular or prescribed medication must not start the dosage of Viagra without consulting the doctor. It is not suitable with certain medical conditions and is also known to interact with some medicines.
  • Nitrate in any form must not be consumed a few hours before or after the consumption of Silagra. Grapefruit thus must also be avoided. Failing to do so may cause serious health complications.
  • The medicine must not be taken with alcohol or fatty food. They may make it less effective.
  • As the medicine may cause blurred vision and drowsiness, any activity requiring focus, such as driving, must be avoided after consuming Sildenafil Citrate.