Erectile dysfunction and hypertension have closed ties

Erectile dysfunction has close ties with high blood pressure. Health diseases like coronary failure, strokes, diabetes and not the least hypertension, can impact sexual health, especially of men.  Erectile dysfunction, also called impotence, is seen in 40 out of 100 men suffering from high blood pressure. But, not every hypertension patient suffers from impotence, but certainly many of them do. Before talking more about high blood pressure and impotence, let’s first understand how erection takes place.

Achieving erection is a complex process. Though visually it seems quick and easy process, however, same is the extent of its complexity. Penis needs gush of blood for attaining erection. When men are aroused and try for erections, the brain sends the signals to the arteries and in turn arteries of penis loosen up so that can let in excess blood in the penis. Arteries are a blood vessel that carries blood. On the completion of the sexual act the blood goes back leaving penis flaccid. Erectile dysfunction is a state of incapableness on men’s part to achieve erections and complete sexual activity with satisfaction.

Men suffering from high blood pressure also fall prey to erectile dysfunction. Blood in high blood pressure patients body moves with force. The heavy flow of the blood makes the arteries of the penis ineffective. Blood pressure damages arteries by bursting them. Hence, during arousal blood could not go inside penis in heavy amount leading to no erections. The sexual desire fires up in the body, but men cannot attain erections. This is a pathetic situation for men.

Erectile dysfunction occurred due to hypertension can be treated effectively. Try to bring down blood pressure with the help of medications. Also, make changes in lifestyle. These methods can be a great help in treating erectile dysfunction. If this works out, there is no need to take particular treatments for ED. On the other hand, if it does not work out, taking ED treatment is the wayout. Seeing healthcare provider is recommended. Doctor can guide rightly, also check medical records and prescribe the treatment accordingly. There is nothing to be embarrassed about seeing doctor. Always remember, sex is a normal part of life and without it one feels incomplete and insatiated. Today there is much awareness about impotence. Men have learnt impotence is common today. Hiding it and taking no treatment would only add to your suffering.

Treatments for impotence are of various types. There are injections available, vacuum pump therapy is quite a popular one, and there are drugs for treating ED. Best among all are drugs. They are simple and quickest showing results. Erectile dysfunction medications are also safe. Consulting doctor is must before bringing them to use. Going for generic erectile dysfunction drugs is better as they are cheap, effective and safe. Branded drugs are doubtlessly good but very costly. The most popular generic drug for treating impotence is generic Viagra. This medication has proved its worth zillions of times, therefore today widely used all over the world.

If you are suffering from impotence due to high blood pressure and taking drugs for treating hypertension, then also generic Viagra can be taken along with. Taking it with high blood pressure medications is no harm. But, don’t take it without consulting a doctor. Right dose plays an important part in eradicating ED. Doctor prescribes the right dose. If you think there is a need to change a dose, ask your doctor for the same. No dose changes should be made on own.

Generic Viagra is a drug comes with a set of instructions. Taking it without sexual arousal is not recommended. The drug does not instigate sexual desire; hence take it only when aroused for attaining erections. This ED generic drug needs to be swallowed with water only. Though the drug is safe for all, but old men above 60 should seek doctor’s advice before its usage. Women and children should not use it for health reasons. Taking generic Viagra with nitrates or products containing nitrates can be detrimental to health. Anytime of the day is fine to take it, but stomach should be light. Strictly keep a gap of 24 hours between the intakes of two pills of generic Viagra.

Thus you see how profound impotence drug treatment is. High blood pressure causes ED; this is a reality in many cases. But, do not need to fear about. Generic Viagra is a solution can be trusted.