Fast Foods and their Disadvantages for Health

Fast food seems like an appetite booster; since, it carries great taste, which makes people greedy. In today’s world, fast food and junk foods are commonly consumed by every human being; since, it is time saving and instant serving. People enjoy eating fast food like pizza, burger, pastries, fried oily potato, fried chicken, etc. In today’s generation people look for the stuff, which takes less time to consume and to bake; hence, people become addicted to fast food. Eating fast food carries some benefits, but it comparatively gives many adverse effects to the health. It is easily available in the market; you don’t have to cook the food, time saving, etc. these are some benefits of consuming fast foods. However, obesity, cardiac problem, improper blood pressure, improper digestive system, improper liver function, etc. are some disadvantages of consuming fast food. The component called monosodium glutamate and sodium brings great taste in the fast food, which addicts the people more towards it. However, obesity is one of the major problems of eating fast food; since, it makes the calories accumulate in the body in the form of fats, and these fats further raise an obesity problem.

This obesity problem further brings many health disorders called heart attacks, high blood pressure, bones or joint disorder, etc. However, children are found more addicted to fast foods. One should keep control over their diet. Eating fast food once in a while is preferable, but its usual consumption may harm your health. Fast food comes under the category of an unhealthy diet, whose daily consumption may enhance the calorie level of the body. However, an excessive calorie may cause an overweight issue. Parents should take care of their school going children, keep them away from junk and fast food; avoid giving them such unhealthy foodstuff; since, these habits may further create a problem for their health. In such cases, an underage child may get 70 to 80 kg weight, which is harmful for his/ her overall health system. If, it carries two advantages, comparatively it carries 10 disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of eating fast foods are listed below.


Obesity is one of the major harmful disadvantages of consuming fast food; since, fast food contains a huge amount of calories, which gets stored inside the body in the form of fats. These fats further leads to an obesity problem. A weight beyond the level of age and height indicates overweight or obesity problem. Fast food or junk food holds higher level of calorie, which is the main components to increase, the weight. Hence, a regular consumption of fast food may enhance the calorie level of the body; this brings the disorders of health called heart attacks, high blood pressure, etc. An obese people are more under the risk of chronic illness.

High blood pressure

Consuming fast food causes obesity problem; since, it holds a high amount of sodium, which destabilizes the blood pressure level. An excessive sodium intake may harm the kidney and renal functions. An obese person commonly had seen suffering from high blood pressure level. Hence, consuming high sodium contain food, is harmful for the health.

Cardiac disorders

An obese people are more likely to get cardiac disorders; since, the high calories present in the fast foods get accumulated over the arteries of the heart, which obstruct the blood to pass and to reach the heart. This brings destabilization in the heart pumps and results heart attacks. An insufficient flow of blood towards heart leads to heart attacks. Moreover, existence of fats and sodium in the junk or fast food enhances the cholesterol level in the blood, which may increase the risk of plaque formation, over the arteries. Hence, to prevent from such disorders avoid consuming high sodium and fats contain foods. According, to the research fast foods are the main sources to enhance heart disorders.

Gastric or improper digestive system

People consuming, spicy foods, junk foods, fast foods, oily foods, etc. are more likely to get an improper digestive system. They may face gastric problem, hard tool or loose tool (constipation or diarrhea) problem. Consuming fast food creates acidity and irritating bowel system. People may face difficulty in eliminating the waste stuff, from the intestine. Thus, to maintain a healthy digestive system, one needs to avoid spicy, oily, or fast food consumption.

Bad for diabetes sufferer

Consuming junk or fast food destabilizes the blood sugar level; since, it holds an insufficient amount of carbohydrates and protein. It is only found rich in calories, which is another issue of diabetes enhancement.

Unhealthy immune system

Consuming fast food once in a week or month is preferable, but its excessive intake may bring obesity, which not only increases the weight, but also disturbs the immune system. People consuming fast food get chronic fatigue; they feel inactive or lazy to perform any work. An obese people are more likely to get tired or exhaust soon. Moreover, fast food lacks all the essential property called minerals, vitamins, nutrients, protein, etc. which drops down the energy level. It weakens all the organs of the body.

Bad for teenager

Consuming fast food may harm the teenagers; since, the hormone in the growing age children keeps changing, which may affect the personality, behavior, or immune system of the child. However, growing age children should get sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins and nutrients to maintain their health and fast food is considered an unhealthy diet, which harms the health badly. Moreover, in some of the studies it has been noticed that people consuming junk foods or fast foods are more like to get, poor memory function. It brings stress, hypertension, and irritating mood. Thus, a young age children should control on eating fast food.

Liver disorders

People consuming fast food may get risk of liver disorders; since, the fats present in the junk foods, get accumulated over the liver, which may disturb its function. Sometime its excess fats over the liver may cause liver failure. Hence, people should be cautious about their diet.