Few Important Health Tips for All

Chest Congestion Treating Tips

Chest congestion is the most irritating problem suffered by many people in the world. Usually when hair turns grey this congestion problem arise. However, youngsters can also suffer from it at times. Chest congestion is not specific to winter month, but can take place in any season. This condition brings with it a problem of breathing in a person. Many people are plagued with this problem. Normally it irritates in the night. A person gets up anytime in the night and starts coughing. Continuous coughing also causes breathing problem. For keeping chest clear all the time, you need to follow the below written tips. These tips make it much easier to get rid of congestion problem and enjoy hassle free life. Keep reading for increasing knowledge about how to get rid of chest congestion.

Drink herbal tea

Herbal tea is effective remedy for treating congested chest. It clears cough from the chest and reduces coughing. Herbal tea should be taken two times in a day without drawing a blank. This tea is very soothing. It should be drunk hot.

Take hot toddy

Toddy is also effective drink in doing away with congested chest. It treats this condition effectively and gives big relief. Preparing it is very easy. Take honey in a pan and add lemon to it. Then boil the mixture. Once it reaches boiling point, cool it down. After cooling it, add little rum or whiskey to the mixture, the final product made out of it is called toddy. Make sure toddy is warm when you drink it.

Take steam

Taking steam is simplest, easiest and cheapest way to treat congested chest problem. As steam is inhaled, it opens air passages that aid in easy breathing. Be away from cold after taking steam.


One of best ways to clear congested airways is to gargle. Salt water should be warm while gargling. Turmeric can also be added to it. Make a point that salt water reaches as deep as possible, then only real effect can be felt.
Enjoy instant relief by applying the above tips for clearing congested chest. If no relief is felt, next best option is to see a healthcare professional.

Consume Coffee Moderately to Avoid Side Effects

Coffee is one of most drinkable beverages. It is favorite of many. People love drinking it many times in a day. Some are so much addicted to it that they cannot live without coffee even a single time. No doubt coffee consumption makes a person energetic and brisk. However, there is another side of coffee as well. This beverage has many negative effects on the body. The presence of caffeine in coffee induces side effects. Adverse effects of this drinkable are not visible at once. They occur slowly. But, once they start appearing, it is hard to get over them.

Side effects of coffee are mentioned here in detail. Let’s discover them:

* Coffee is not at all good for teeth. It causes teeth yellowing, which eventfully leads to weakening of teeth.

* Adenosine is essential brain chemical useful in calming down mind. But, heavy coffee consumption interferes with the production of this chemical. Hence, disturbs mind functions.

* Energy attained by coffee last for a very short time. In fact, over a period of time if a person becomes regular consumer of coffee, he or she stops getting that small amount of energy also. Rather, by that time a person develops an addiction for coffee, which is then hard to overcome. This addiction starts posing many negative impacts on health.

* Coffee is known for increasing blood sugar level in the blood. Diabetics should avoid this beverage completely.

* Coffee leads to sleep deprivation also if consumed in excess. Therefore, avoid it as far as possible.

Drink it in moderate amount and be safe. Coffee turns harmful only if consumed in excess. Remember this fact. Surely the above mentioned side effects of coffee would have alerted you. Consume it moderately and protect your health.