Fight Male Hair Loss with Propecia

The problem of baldness in men is on the rise these days. Today, men of all ages suffer from baldness issue mainly due to poor lifestyle habits. A man’s hair tells a lot about his personality, and therefore hair loss is one problem that every man fears. Good news is that the advancement in the medical field has led to the development of quite a few drugs that can cure baldness. Propecia is one very effective drug that has solved baldness issues in countless men.

Propecia is one of a kind solution for hair loss that has been developed especially for men and is not meant to be used by women. The fact that Propecia is approved by the Food and Drug Administration proves that it is completely safe to consume. Propecia is a cost-effective prescription drug and contains Finasteride as its chief ingredient. Besides treating the common problem of hair loss, Propecia also promotes healthy hair growth. Propecia has come as a miracle oral drug for men with baldness problem. The responses of men who have used this medication have been hugely encouraging and positive. Although Propecia takes a while to produce desired results, the wait is absolutely worth its long lasting effects.

Men suffer from baldness mainly because of the enzyme called alpha type II reductase. This enzyme triggers baldness by getting formed in a man’s hair. It converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the main reason for male hair loss issues. Propecia counters hair loss by acting on the dihydrotestosterone. This oral drug inhibits DHT production in a man’s body, thereby providing relief from hair loss. When the production of DHT is inhibited, the hair also begins to grow faster.

Men who take Propecia should be patient as it takes about a year to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. Men should not give up on this drug and continue to take it to achieve desired results. Although the positive results of Propecia will be visible in a few months, the final result will take approximately a year.

It is very important to take Propecia according to the prescription guidelines of a doctor. If the wrong dose of Propecia is consumed, it can go on to cause some serious side-effects. Before prescribing Propecia, the doctor will go through your medial history and take a lot of factors into consideration. Only a doctor can determine the root cause of your hair loss issue and accordingly prescribe a Propecia dose that is best suited for your situation.

If a man fails to follow the basic prescription guidelines for Propecia, he might suffer from some mild as well as serious ill-effects of this drug. Some ill-effects of Propecia include impotence, reduced sex drive, testicular pain, swelling on feet and hand, dizziness, headache, weakness, skin rash and running nose. All these harmful effects of Propecia can be avoided by strictly following the dosage instruction. You should seek medical attention if you frequently experience these side-effects even after taking a proper dose.

Men of all ages have successfully used Propecia to counter the embarrassing problem of baldness. Hair loss can act as a severe blow to the self-confidence and self-esteem of a man. Using Propecia the way it is meant to be used will produce fascinating results and give men their handsome look back.