Forzest can do Wonders for Impotent Men

Forzest is the name of the very commonly used generic medicine for the treatment of the sexual disorder called erectile dysfunction. The other name for this sexual medical condition is male impotency. Men all over the world are affected by this problem. Due to it they do not experience the quality penile erection and hence are not able to enjoy pleasures of sex life. Forzest helps in taking care of this problem.

What exactly is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Male Impotency?

As the name suggests, erectile dysfunction is the sexual disorder which does not allow men to have the proper erection of the reproductive system. Due to this problem men cannot have the proper sexual intercourse. Men may experience the lack of stiffness in the genitals even if they are experiencing good level of arousal. By consuming Forzest they are able to get the hardness they want and hence they are able to enjoy normal sexual intercourse.

What are the reasons that cause erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused owing to a number of factors. Men usually experience this when they have reached a certain age. It may start to appear after reaching the middle age and may become more prominent in the older age. There are some younger men too who experience this sexual condition. This means that aging is not the only reason. Other reasons may include any injury or a particular ailment. Excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol may also cause male impotency. Stress and anxiety are also known to cause this issue.

Is it a serious medical condition and does it affect the overall health?

Erectile dysfunction or male impotency in itself is not a serious medical condition. However, men who are suffering from this problem may become frustrated and depressed due to lack of healthy sexual life even when they have the desire. This affects the mental health which may have an impact on the overall health. Also, stress caused by this issue may affect the overall quality of life as well. But it is not only the men who are impacted. Due to lack of stiffness both the partners are incapable of having a satisfactory sexual intercourse. So, it may cause frustration in both the partners. It may also lead to the tension in the relationship between the couples.  By consuming Forzest men can enjoy sexual life again and improve the overall quality of life.

What does Forzest constitute?

Tadalafil is a highly effective PDE-5 inhibitor that restores the supply of the blood to the genitals and helps men get the quality penile erection.

How does Forzest work?

When the men are sexually stimulated the supply of blood to the genital region increases, which in turn results in penile erection.

  • This means that blood supply is important for the hardness
  • The enzyme cGMP makes sure that there is proper blood supply to the penile area. This enzyme works with NO and causes the dilation of the blood vessels in the genital area.
  • PDE-5 is another enzyme that is known to stop the normal functioning of the cGMP enzyme and thus does not allow proper amount of blood to flow through the veins and arteries of the reproductive organ of men.
  • Those who have ED issues have higher levels of PDE-5 in their body.
  • Tadalafil found in the Forzest medicine works as the PDE-5 inhibitor. Once PDE-5 stops working, cGMP resumes its role and ensures that enough blood is supplied to the genitals.
  • This results in proper penile erection.

What are the dosage details for Forzest?

This medicine must be consumed in the proper dose as prescribed by the doctor. Usually, doctors recommend the following:

20 mg pill of Forzest is the most commonly prescribed dose to the men with the ED problem

  • Variants of this medicine in 5mg and 10mg pill are also available
  • One dose of 20 mg is to be taken once in 24 hours.
  • This medicine is meant to taken by the men who are younger than 50 years of age and have the average health
  • Tadalafil may take about 50-60 minutes to mix with the bloodstream. So, Forzest must be taken an hour before sexual act.
  • It is best to ingest the medicine with water as you will see faster results.
  • Do not break or crush the pill in anyway.
  • The effect of Forzest lasts for many hours.

Are there any side effects of the medicine I must be aware of?

There are some common and typically harmless side effects of this medicine. Some men do not experience any side effect at all. Most men experience very mild side effects that are there for a very short duration. In case there is a problem, consult the doctor. Here are the side effects:

Increased blood pressure

  • Headache
  • Redness in the face
  • Palpitations
  • Stomach upset
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness

Can everyone consume this medicine?

This medicine is meant to be consumed only by those men who have the sexual disorder. It is not meant to enhance the sexual experience. Men who consume it should be less than 50 years of age. Older men must first consult their doctor before consumption.

Those men who already have any ailment or disease should not consume the medicine unless their doctor has approved it. Especially the men with renal, cardiac or lever problems must be careful. Tadalafil may also interact with the components of the other medications. So, if you are taking any other medicines do not consume Forzest without talking to your doctor.

Is there any other precaution I must take before consuming Forzest?

Yes! You must keep the following in mind before consuming this medicine:

If you are already taking any other medication for ED issue, do not consume Forzest or stop the other medicine at least 24 hours before consuming this medicine. Make sure you do not consume any food items that contains nitrate, such as grapefruit, while consuming Forzest.