Forzest: Men Can Stop Worrying about Impotency Now

Forzest is a generic medicine which is used for the treatment of male impotency also popularly referred to as Erectile Dysfunction or ED. This is the sex related problem due to which the men are not able to achieve the proper penile erection. As a result they are not able to have a successful sexual intercourse. Lots of men all over the world have complained of this issue. This problem is the most common among the men who are in their middle ages or older. However, due to certain physical or psychological conditions even the younger people tend to experience this. There could be many causes of erectile dysfunction issue besides aging. Sometimes certain medical conditions lead to this. Also, any physical injury may cause this problem. Stress is also known to be the culprit behind this issue.

Men want the treatment of ED irrespective of the reason it has been caused by. The men suffering from it are not able to get the hardness in the male reproductive organ even when they are sexually aroused. Many men achieve the hardness but are not able to maintain it during the sexual session. With Forzest, they can regain the virility and manhood they have been looking for.

Although Cialis is more popular, more and more people have begun to opt for Forzest because it is as effective as Cialis but is less expensive. This medicine works very quickly and men are able to achieve the desired stiffness.

Although male impotency is a physical sexual problem, it can lead to many serious mental issues. This is because men who are not able to have the sexual intercourse despite proper arousal get frustrated. But the frustration is not only limited to men. Even their partners are not fully satisfied sexually. Thus this builds the tension between them and a lot of time it has been observed that it leads to separation as well. The good thing is that there is Forzest which can help men achieve what they are looking for. The medicine is FDA approved so you can be confident that it is safe to use.

Action / Working / Mechanism

To understand how this medicine works, there are a few things we need to understand that result in erection as well as hinder it.

  • There is an enzyme called cGMP or cyclic GMP which works as the chemical messenger. During the sexual arousal this chemical travels across the nerves. This enzyme is directly responsible for the erection of the male reproductive organ at the time of sexual arousal.
  • cGMP actually works with the NO deposits to help men get the penile stiffness. Both of them get combined and start working to relax the genital muscles. The relaxed muscles help the blood vessels in the genital to get dilated. When the veins and arteries are widened they allow more blood to flow through them. The increased supply of blood results in hardness of the penile area.
  • So, this pretty much means that cGMP is required so that men can get the desired penile hardness and thus enjoy the sexual intercourse.
  • There is another enzyme that is released around the penile area. This enzyme is called PDE-5. This is the main reason why the penile erection is not possible in men.
  • PDE-5 affects the normal working of the cGMP enzyme and thus does not allow the muscles of the reproductive organ to relax. Due to this the blood vessels do not dilate and the blood circulation is reduced. So, men are not able to get the stiffness during intercourse.
  • Forzest 20mg contains Tadalafil as the primary component which is also a very effective PDE-5 inhibitor. This component mixes with the blood after consumption and suppresses the working of PDE-5. This in turn allows cGMP and NO to work normally.
  • This medicine is also know to prevent the flow of the blood out of the reproductive organ and thus helps in long lasting erection.
  • The effects of the medicine last for more than 30 hours.
  • It is a palliative medicine and does not cure the ED permanently.

Dosage / Dose details

  • 20 MG of ED is the recommended dose of the Forzest medicine. But men can also buy their 5 and 10 mg variants depending upon the recommendation from the doctor.
  • It takes nearly 45 minutes for the medicine to be fully effective. In 45 minutes, the medicine usually dissolved in the stream of the blood in the body. But some men would want to wait for about an hour after the consumption before participating in sexual intercourse.
  • The dose should not be increased unless it has been recommended by the doctor.
  • The effects of Forzest last for nearly 30 hours and even more.
  • The medicine needs to be taken only on the need basis. It does not have to be taken regularly if you are not getting involved in sexual activity.


Here are a few things to be careful about while consuming Forzest:

This medicine is only for men who have average health and are under 50 years of age. Women and children must not consume this medicine at all.

  • Men over 50 years of age must consult their doctor before consuming this medicine.
  • Men who have known medical history or are under a medical regime must not consume Forzest unless it has been advised by the doctor.
  • Any food item that contains nitrate must be strictly avoided with this medicine. Grapefruit is thus not allowed to be eaten with it.
  • If you are already taking any medicine with PDE-5 inhibitor, do not consume this medicine.