Forzest is an orally administered drug treatment to solve men’s impotency disorders. The drug is an inhibitor of PDE5 enzyme by nature, which is the chief originator of erectile problems in men. Forzest works out erectile issues by directly targeting the target i.e. PDE5 enzyme. All other generic drugs like forzest that are used for treating erectile dysfunction belong to the same class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. Forzest has variable dosages for beating ED- 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. Erectile issues are of various types. Severe erectile problem needs highest dose i.e. 20mg, however if the disorder has recently budded, then 5mg dose is sufficient to get over it. Get the right Forzest dose according to the severity of the problem. Forzest is made with Tadalafil. It is highly efficient chemical for getting over erectile dysfunction. It suits all. All over the world forzest is widely popular and also cheapest potency pill.

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Erectile dysfunction is a condition when penis does not get enough blood for achieving erection. In normal cases blood goes to the penis on stimulation with the support of cGMP enzyme. Penile muscles become relaxed on stimulation and blood arteries expand so that blood can enter in large amount. All these factors need to be smooth for attaining long lasting and stronger erections. But men who are having erectile dysfunction do not enjoy erection due to blood flow problem in the body.

An enzyme PDE5 causes disruption in the flow of blood in the body. As men get stimulated and blood starts flowing towards penis, this enzyme hinders the flow. Penis gets deprived of blood; as a result muscles turn hard and arteries contract causing less or no blood flow at all. Forzest is taken to stop PDE5 enzyme. The drug makes the enzyme still. cGMP enzyme gets released on the drug intake for pushing the blood towards penis on stimulation. This alleviates men’s erection problem.


Forzest can be taken once in a day as directed by a doctor. Make sure the dose you are taking is medically advised. Do not start the treatment without consulting a doctor. Forzest’s most recommended dosage is 10mg a day. Afterwards, if see no results coming about the dose can be increased with doctor’s consultation. Do not increase the pill number in order to double the results. Overdose is suspected to cause serious health problems. Forzest has to be taken 30 minutes before beginning the sexual act. For 36 hours the drug remains active in the body. It is an immense time to enjoy the intercourse. Daily intake of the drug is not necessary. ED is just a disorder, so take the drug when needed. Becoming habitual to the drug is also dangerous. Swallow forzest pill with water without breaking or crushing it. Last but not the least, do not take forzest for enhancing sexual desire, it is not an aphrodisiac. The drug treats erectile dysfunction only when men are sexually stimulated.

Side Effects

Less number of men experiences some common side effects after taking forzest. In fact, with time the symptoms stop making appearance altogether. Headache, back pain, joint pain, runny nose, dizziness, red face, blur vision, stomach upset, etc are some common signs the drug shows on some men. In few hours of the occurrence these symptoms vanishes away leaving men healthy and hearty. Treatment is not needed.
Uncommon side effects of forzest that are extremely dangerous are- long and painful erections, heart attack, chest pain, strokes, severe dizziness, hypertension, color vision changes, hives, rashes on body, extreme pain on limbs and so on. Call healthcare provider right away.


Until confirmed with a doctor, do not take forzest for treating erectile dysfunction.
Health issues that stop from taking forzest are- heart diseases, strokes, low or high blood pressure, kidney problems, liver issues, bleeding problem, sickle cell anemia, eye disorders, stomach ulcer etc.
Taking forzest even when allergic to it or to its any ingredient can be dangerous to health.
If using any recreational drug, tell your doctor about it before taking forzest.
Except men, no one else can take this drug.
Elderly should necessarily take medical advice prior taking in the drug.
Don’t drive after taking the drug as dizziness is commonly associated symptom of forzest.
To elongate drug’s life, always store it at room temperature.
Dispose of expired pills.
Sharing the drug is unhealthy practice. Avoid it.
Grapefruit, its juice and alcohol should be avoided when the drug is planned to be taken.


Never consume nitrates in any form if forzest is recommended to you. Drop any one of them.
Taking in more than one pill in order to double results is unsafe. Never do it.
Do not consume for any other purpose other than treating male impotence.