Happiness has little to do with materialism

Health is usually determined on two parameters- physical activity and healthy diet. They are regarded very desirable for being in good health. Of course, it is true as well. Exercise and diet are essentials and cannot be questioned. Nevertheless, there is one more element that adds to the health and that is happiness of an individual. A happy state in daily life is highly desired for positivity as well as also makes one healthy. Certain hormones are released when a person is happy and adds to the health extensively by helping in staying away from stress, hypertension, low immunity, and type-2 diabetes. Try to be happy most of the time.

However, we are humans and sometimes, due to certain circumstances prevailing around, it’s harder for us to overcome emotions even if we want to overcome them. In addition, hectic life has taken great toll over lives. In such a serious scenario what to do to be happy? There are wayouts for all problems. Meditation is a best remedy to be happy. Meditation means contemplation. It’s done by sitting quietly on own and reflecting about own. Try to find inner peace with you. When a person is at peace with him/herself, she/he is in the happiest state of life. Hence, meditate and infuse happiness in your life. This is surely going to work; all the same should be done seriously everyday without fail.

Getting up in the morning first thing to do is think positive about you or about something else. Keep ready a positive thought for daily and repeat it to you. You will experience wide happiness inside. First thought of the day makes a wide change in life and it’s a fact. Try it and be happy. Listening music also helps in bringing felicity in life.

Say goodbye to negative thoughts. Negativity has bad impact in mind and life. Even if you have anger, hatred for someone, just wipe out those people from mind, rather than contemplating about them and saying bad words. This would just lead to unhappiness in you. Genuinely when you stop thinking bad and simply purge unwanted people from life and mind, you reach the highest level of freedom and that freedom is reflection of happiness.

Ponder over a list of people you have in your life. Sideline the ones keep you neutral and those who instill negativeness. People who energise you increase your meeting with them. This is also a good trick to be happy in life. Good company has tremendous effect in shaping your personality and keeping your happiness level up.  Always be in the company of good people.

Learn how to deal with stress. Stress management is highly valuable and would help in every step in life. Wiping stress completely is next to impossible because life is a name of joy and sorrow. So, do something that is within your reach. Manage stressful situations maturely and prudently. This would not just keep you happy, as well as, also add to your confidence level.

Sleeping is not just important to relaxed mind, but also adds to health. And, anything that adds to health is a source of bringing happiness to life. You must have heard zillions of times that spiritual practices are highly recommended for happy life. Adequate sleep is also a kind of spiritual practice. It benefits body in two ways by keeping fit mentally and emotionally. This relaxing state tinctures happiness and create a surrounding inside that a person feels lighter and happier.

Health also comes with a happy state in life. So, along with other important factors that is crucial to be healthy, also keep doing something or the other so as to be happy. The above mantras are powerful in leading you to happier state. Follow them routinely and you would feel the difference inside you in a short time. Daily practice is most important than subscribing to new different methods every now and then. Stick to the methods you have adopted and results would appear sooner.

Happiness is not at all materialism. It is just thinking that by acquiring money, big house, big car and other such things you would be happy. Yes, material things do bring happiness, but for a while. For eternal happiness you need to do something abstract, just like the methods mentioned in this article. Such methods bring real happiness that also last forever.