Health Problems Associated with Physical Inactivity

Don’t you feel lightness in the body after giving it jerks in the morning. Body are made to set in motion as much as possible. Rest is also an essential element for the body, but at the same time, making it do some physical work has limitless benefits. Exercising is another term used for setting the body into motion. This change of state can be acquired through various ways like running, jogging, dancing, swimming or by simply indulging in any type of physical work. In the entire day taking minimum of 30 minutes is sufficient. If can extend your time nothing like it. The regular exercise routine needs to be followed by a healthy diet for many more beneficial results.

Patients lined up in large numbers in front of hospitals or clinics is a normal sight at present. You can find variety of patients. The list includes- high blood pressure patients, diabetes patients, cholesterol patient, heart ailments patients, and so on. Most of them are suffering because their lifestyle is unhealthy and their health is unable to cope with such unhealthy lifestyle. wondering about the health consequences occurred due to lack of exercise? Look at the health problems mentioned below. They would give a fair idea and may prod you to indulge in exercise routine without forgetting.

1) Heart problems

Heart is a body part run day and night. It does not stop even for a second. Life is all about running of heart. However, for the smooth running of the heart, its conditioning is must. Exercise is the fuel that conditions heart and give it long life. Most heart patients are advised walking, running etc because their heart has slowed down on performance. To accelerate the working of the heart, exercise can tremendously work. Hence, if love your heart, start exercising.

2) Cholesterol

Cholesterol problems is as common problem today as cold and cough. Every third person is suffering from cholesterol problem. The major reason behind it is sluggishness. Inactivity lead to the rise in steroid level in the body that further aggravates cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol level can be extremely dangerous. Controlling it can be done with physical activity like walking etc.It should be a brisk walk.

3) Diabetes

When the level of glucose shoots up in the body, a person is said to suffer from diabetes. The accumulation of glucose usually result due to lack of exercise. Diabetes is a dangerous disease and once it comes in the body, harder to throw away, diabetes patients have to follow many strict rules in diet, which irritate them to the point. Diabetes is of two types- type 1 and type 2.

4) High blood pressure

High blood pressure or say hypertension is a serious health problem and at present its present is omnipresent. Today hypertension is a commonly found health problem. When blood flow in the body rises above a point, it is called high blood pressure. It can even lead to death if not controlled. For proper blood flow in the body exercise is must. It is the only way to regulate body temperature and prevent blood from over or under flowing.

5) Sexual disorders

It may be a new tide for you to come across that inactivity can even cause sexual disorders. Both men and women can be slow on bed. Th main syndrome associated with men, that take place due to unhealthy lifestyle and inactivity is one of the most important reason, is erectile dysfunction. Cases of ED are rising with great speed every day. Men have to be extremely careful about their health. Women can also experience sexual disorders and may start losing interest in intercourse. Generic Viagra for men and Lovegra for women are medication treatment to overcome their sexual disorders.

Hope, by now you would have understood the importance of physical activity in life. Taking it lightly is biggest folly and may have to be paid hugely if ignored. Just set a routine as you set for other things. By making exercise a priority of life only you can remain stick to it. 30 minutes are decent enough, but what important is to be regular.