Healthy Food is Equal to Healthy Teeth

Teeth mechanically break down the food by crushing or cutting. Each type of tooth plays there different roles. They are an important portion of the mouth helps to chew the food properly which further helps in proper digestion. Before the food enters in the stomach teeth are there to first experience them, food first came in contact with teeth and tongue. So, we must be acknowledged about what kind of food is best for health and your teeth too.

Some food items are good enough for teeth but some are bad too. Some of them protects teeth and gum decay. Mouth saliva PH is 6.5 to 7.5 which tends to be more acidic or alkaline; the bacteria enters in the mouth while eating will converts sugar into acids by reacting with the food. This acid affects the ENAMEL of the tooth i.e. the highly mineralised substance that protects the tooth from decay and from acidic food or drink. Enamel is the very hard part of the tooth which is affected by the acid becomes in the mouth.

Thus, it is necessary to care for your teeth. Here in this article, you will be get to know which food is good for teeth and which is not. Let’s begin with

Food good for teeth 

Teeth are made up of minerals and calcium. To make the teeth and enamel strong you must add the following in your diet.

CALCIUM- Milk and Milk Products- To maintain strong gum and teeth, have to add milk, cheese, yogurt in your diet. Drinking a glass of milk daily recovers the phosphorus and calcium which helps to regenerate the enamel. Milk and milk products are rich in calcium and phosphorus which rebuilt the power of teeth and gums.

Highly Nutritional – FRUITS and VEGETABLES– Adequate amount of water dilutes the sugar which food contains. The fruits contain excess of water which are great for teeth and gum health. You can choose vegetables and fruits which are crunchy and firm. Fruits like strawberry, apple, pears, etc and vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, potato, sweet potato etc are best indeed. Fruits and vegetables which have adequate amount of water will also increase the level of saliva. You can also include cereals as they need extra chewing which makes your gums and teeth strong.

Drinking BEVERAGES– Drinking water is good for health and teeth too. Herbal drinks, tea, green tea etc are good for teeth. But excess of sweetness will harm your teeth as more sugar always hampers the teeth health. You can move on to sip unsweetened tea which have less sugar and they have anti-oxidants, which prevents plague also prevents the cavities of teeth and swelling of gums. Tea with less sugar also inhibits the growth of bacteria in mouth and helps to fight with them and bad bacteria too.

Other Food Items– Just like milk and milk products; nuts, meat and chicken they are also help to make teeth and gums strong and healthy. These food items also help to enhance the growth of enamel also. Onions are also helpful for teeth as they contain powerful sulphur compounds and they can kill different types of bacteria also. In form of salad you can have onions, carrot, cucumbers etc also.

Above are some sorts of list which may help you to check which food you need to add in your diet. Eating good food is the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong but whatever or whenever you eat properly chew that bite. Proper chewing of food is the best workout for gums to make them stronger.  After that there is also need to have a look to this portion also.

Foods that are NOT Healthy for Teeth

Sugar content food items like sweets, candies, chocolates, cold drinks, sugary sodas, fruit juices etc plays an important role in tooth decay. You need to eat the sugar contents in limit does not harm the gums and teeth to great extent.

Try to have sugar free food items rather than natural sugar or had less sugar as more sugar tends to react more with bacteria and produce acid which cause tooth and gum decay. While in sugar free foods the reaction of bacteria and production of acid in mouth is less. These sugar free food items are available in all markets. To make gum stronger you can have sugar free chewing gum which makes gum healthier as you chew it properly perhaps, it promotes the saliva in your mouth.

Not only sugar content foods are harmful but some other things are also there to have a look. Eating more often again and again leads to production of acids more and more acids that lead to tooth decay.

For healthy gum and teeth you must brush your teeth twice a day. You should massage your gums with your finger very slowly. If it is not possible to brush up your teeth twice a day then you can gargle before going to bed. Gargling teeth with Luke water by adding a little bit of salt in it helps to kill the bacteria of mouth. It is a natural refresher of mouth that prevents the mouth from germs and makes your teeth and gums healthier. If you are still suffering with any dental problems you can prefer to visit the dentist.

Teeth are special in their own way, they support your smile. So you must take care of your teeth.