Heart Responds Positively to Healthy Habits

A healthy heart is a primary requirement of a healthy living. A proverb ‘Rome cannot be built in a day’ suits exactly to healthy heart, means a healthy heart takes a lifetime. It is not a one day process. Lock two essentials for a healthy heart in mind- healthy diet and regular physical workout. Heart is like a machine needing fuel for functioning at its best. Basic fuels that provide it the best nourishment are workout and hefty food.

Heart problems can happen in a number of ways like stroke, chest pain, heart attack, and other cardiovascular issues. Taking good care of heart always is absolutely necessary. There are several ways that help in retaining its health. These tips even apply to those having heart issues.

1) A great deal of damage is done to the heart due to insalubrious eating habits. Healthy dietary changes can do big good to heart functioning for a lifetime. Foods with low fat and high fibre are first thing to include in diet. Less salt in diet does wonders for heart. Limit the salt intake to 6g per day. Unsaturated and saturated are two categories of fats. Saturated fats are dangerous and need to kick out. On the other hand unsaturated fats are healthy and can be included, however don’t overdo. Processed foods are big risk to heart. Replace them with fresh foods. Such short cuts can harm enormously. High amount of oil in foods is a source of nasty heart problems. Though cannot be avoided but quantity can be lessened.

2) In today’s lifestyle it is impossible not to have stress. But, untreated can cause varied problems. It can be emotional, mental or physical. Heart problem is one of outcome of untreated stress. Stress might not directly affect heart, but give rise to other risk factors that ultimately lead to heart troubles. High stress causes high blood pressure and high cholesterol in the body and these both causes heart ills. Managing stress is imperative in every respect, especially with respect to healthy heart functioning.

3) Every smoking session takes your heart closer to impairment. You may be unaware of it, but it is a fact. Nicotine in cigarettes acts like a slow poison. Though it is tasteful to senses but harmful to heart, and also a source of other health risk factors. Nicotine lessens oxygen supply to heart, accelerate heart rate, makes blood clots in the body and lastly, harms blood vessels including that of heart. This would surely cause severe heart problem like heart attack, strokes and excruciating pain. Therefore, it is highly suggested to quit smoking. Apart from getting a relief from heart diseases, you would also be spared from other health risks like ling cancer, high blood pressure and so on.

4) Exercising is a great physical activity as it does much good to body, mind and heart. Every person much regularly applies this in life. Even those having heart issues should resort to physical activity for avoiding further damage to heart. Cardio workouts are best to perform. Walking, running, jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing and so on are all cardiovascular exercises. Any workout that speeds up heart rate is cardio workout. For further toning your body and muscles follow cardio workout with strength training exercises. If your heart is already a troubled heart, speak with your doctor regarding workouts healthy for you.

5) Alcoholics are much prone to heart problems. Though moderate drinking is fine and even in some ways helps heart to remain healthy, but drinking in excess is harmful. Drinking over a prolonged period of time leads to high blood pressure in the body. Hypertension is a major cause of heart problems in people like strokes and heart attack. Secondly, excessive alcohol in the body starts damaging blood vessels of the heart. This plays with main function of a heart i.e. pumping of the blood in a healthy manner in the body. Thus, alcohol is no way safe and should be eliminated. If can’t, stick to moderate amount and also limit the intake days.

6) Regular heart check-up is a healthy way to keep a check on heart. Especially if you have crossed 40, it becomes imperative to start paying little more attention to heart. However, equally important is for youngsters to take care of their heart. Adopt healthy habits and your heart would respond in positive manner for certain.