High Blood Pressure and Its Causes

Blood pressure is nothing but the strain wielded by blood on the walls of arteries. A sphygmomanometer is a machine helps a lot to determine blood pressure. Blood pressure readings consists two numbers. The bigger number written on top is said to be systolic blood pressure reading. On the other hand the smaller or the number written at the bottom is called as diastolic blood pressure reading. For instance, 120/80 mm Hg is normal blood pressure, while 120mm Hg is referred to be systolic blood pressure, and 80 mm Hg is known as diastolic blood pressure.

Relying on the reading, or instead numbers of blood pressure, it can be determined whether a person is suffering through a normal, high or low blood pressure. Unusually high or low blood pressure is very hazardous and can enhance risk of numerous life-threatening diseases.



Among highly obese people, the huge fat in the form of cholesterol in the body get fixed on the walls of the arteries and lead to thinning them. As a result of this the heart need to pump harder, contributing to rise in the blood pressure.

Addiction of smoking and alcohol

Immense rise in blood pressure is one of the dangerous consequences of smoking. The nicotine found in tobacco is highly responsible for affecting the heart in several ways. It lessens the oxygen level to the heart, raises the heart rate, and narrows the blood vessles. Vast intake of alcohol also affects the blood pressure. Alcoholic beverages are filled with large number of calories that contributes to weight gain, and ultimately high blood pressure. Likewise, drugs and too much caffeine intake raise the threat of hypertension.

Inappropriate diet

Incorporating an inappropriate diet including too much fatty, salty and huge cholesterol holding foods is another major cause of hypertension. Salty food items enhance the level of sodium of blood resulting in high blood pressure. A diet packed with saturated and trans-fat can harm the blood vessels.

Inactive lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle affects the blood pressure in countless ways. Leaving an inactive lifestyle for a long duration contributes to increase in weight and enhance in cholesterol level. You might not have idea, but, an inactive lifestyle is main culprit of a great number of diseases, the common one is heart disease.

Growing age and tension are some of the other potential causes of high blood pressure. But, nowadays, hypertension is also observed in younger adults, owing to inappropriate, altering and stressful lifestyle.

There may be a chance that without having any other risk factor, still you may suffer from a higher diastolic pressure. The possibilities are high that you may even experience a normal systolic pressure, but, higher diastolic pressure. This condition is cited as isolated diastolic hypertension. Even if this is not an entirely risky circumstance, you require adopt measures to bring down the blood pressure. Therefore, there may be a risk that, over time, the systolic pressure may also step up.

How to Control Blood Pressure

In most instances, besides constant headache and tiredness, no eminent symptoms are noticed. This is because; it is suggested to get blood pressure checked daily. There are innumerable natural ways that aid in keeping blood pressure in control.

Follow a healthy diet

As you have noticed that following an inappropriate diet directly and indirectly contributes to high blood pressure, it is better to make alteration in your diet and follow healthy dietary habits. You should restrict the consumption of foods laden with fats, cholesterol and sodium. Give maximum priority to eating fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and healthy sort of meat in your daily regimen. Healthy eating will definitely assists in cutting down weight, and therefore, lower the threat of high blood pressure.

Stop smoking:-

Active as well as passive (secondhand) smoking, are evenly unsafe. Due to this, you should cut down smoking and consumption of alcohol to avert hypertension. If you go through from high blood pressure, you should stop smoking and alcoholism totally to avert future complication occurred due to hypertension.

Exercise daily

Daily exercising for half an hour assists significantly to keep hypertension and other disorders at bay. You can go for a gym or even exercise at home with help of proper techniques and guidance. You can even choose different forms of exercises like dancing, running, aerobics and swimming.

Lose weight

People with higher body mass index (BMI) and vast body weight need to keep weight under control to prevent dangers related with it. Incorporating an appropriate diet and exercising daily are the excellent ways to lose weight. You require adopt any crash diet. If you are adopting a fad diet, ensure that you took approval from a physician.

Systolic high blood pressure is highly noticed than diastolic hypertension, but it should not be overlooked as it contributes to diastolic heart failure. Systolic blood pressure is the strain wielded when the heart muscles narrow. Diastolic pressure is the strain wielded when the heart muscles calms down.  When the systolic blood pressure elevates to 140 mm Hg or above, a person is thought to affect by systolic high blood pressure. Hypertension gives an open invitation to heart diseases like heart attack, stroke and heart failure.

It can also be main reason behind onset of kidney diseases. Though hypertension is considered to be normal in age bracket of above 35 years of age, there is probability of even younger people affected by it. Older people mostly confront trouble of systolic blood pressure, whereas younger adults face problem of diastolic blood pressure.