How Mental Health Affects Physical Health

There is strong connection between your mental and physical health. A little change in the health of one of them affects other. Hence it is important to maintain a balance between the two. According to health experts your mental health directly affects your physical health like if you are mentally ill then your physical health will also show the signs of suffering from certain illnesses. Similarly if you are not well physically your mental health will also get affected. There is strong connection between your body and mind and affecting one of them will affect your overall well-being. Lots of people ignore this truth that our body and mind are interrelated with each other. Mental and physical health cannot be separated. Avoiding one over other will definitely cause disturbance to other. If you are feeling emotionally low, stressed or disturbed; you will suffer from various physical illnesses that will make you unhealthy. There are thousands of studies that have proved the strong connection between mental and physical health. According to  healthcare providers people who are mentally ill get tired quickly after performing any kind of physical activities either it is light or heavy. Such people face difficulties to participate in physical exercises. Take proper rest before the day of your physical activity as it will definitely keep you energetic throughout the day. Here we have discussed in details the effects of poor mental health on your physical health. Have a look.

  • Poor mental health makes the immune system of your body weak and a weak immune system makes you susceptible to the attack of various physical illnesses. According to physicians mental health directly affects our immune system and makes it weak.
  • Changing in lifestyle habits increase the risk of depression and all other mental health issues. Such health issues affect overall health of a person including physical health. Depression leads to many health problems. Poor mental health and negative feelings make your physical health worsen.
  • Anxiety, stress etc. lead to many health disorders like disruption in sleep, tiredness, indigestion and headache. Stress hormones increase the blood pressure levels in the body after getting released. Increase blood pressure leads to aggressiveness, negative feelings and fear. One can face cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, headache and all other chronic diseases that are harmful to your health.
  • Obesity is a very common health problem in children as well as adults. Obesity for long period of time makes them lazy and susceptible to the attack of disease causing agents. Your mood can also be changed if you are physically unfit. Changing of mood makes you annoyed and it affects your general health.
  • Loss of a loved one, breakups in the relationship and intense emotions make you feel low and one can reached in stressful situation. These stressful situations make you depressed. Do not try to control your feelings as they can come out in the form of anger, rejection and aggression. A person with poor mental health can abuse to someone or make violence.
  • Researchers have been claimed that poor mental health condition makes your physical health worsen. A necessary treatment and a positive attitude are very important to break this cruel circle.

Take care of your emotions and maintain balance between mental and physical health as it is important to live a healthy life. The ways to improve mental health are including of both mental and physical exercises. There are millions of people across the globe that go through low self confidence, depression and poor mental health. The time span of such conditions depends on the causes of it.

There are many ways that are highly effective to improve mental health of a person. Here is the list of such ways. Have a look.

  • In order to improve mental health one should also focus on their eating habits and try to eat healthy and nutritious food items. Healthy food is good for physical as well as mental health of a person. A well balanced diet keeps you away from various diseases and common health problems.
  • Along with healthy eating one should also go for exercises daily. You can go to gym or perform physical activities at home. Exercises play a major role to get an active lifestyle and one can feel fresh throughout the day.
  • A good rest and enough sleep are also important for better mental health. A person should take almost 8 hours of sleep every day. Enough sleep is really important to get rid of all the day’s stress. Rest is important to regain the energy that we lost during daily activities.
  • Start a new hobby like singing, dancing cooking or anything else. Keep yourself busy in that hobby. It is believed that pursuing a new hobby is important to waved away stress. Photography is also a good option as a new hobby.

Good mental health is very important for good physical health. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and keep positive attitude towards life. Manage the negative feelings with effective ways that we have mentioned above and enjoy a healthy life.