Immune system- To protect and develop human health

There are some people who are always suffering from viral infections such as cold, cough, fever, fatigue and allergies. It can be so due to a weak immune system. People who have a weak immune system are found to have low count of blood cells like lymphocytes and phagocytes and so they are more prone to germs, infection and various other diseases.
How to identify a weak immune system
The most important characteristic of immune system is to defend and develop a shield around your body against any viral or harmful infection. The other important ability of immune system is to detect, destroy and remove the germs and stop the rapid growth of cancer or tumors. Immune system silently works within you to protect your body, and come in front when you fall ill. Immune system is said to be more complex as compared to your nervous system.
A low or weak immune system can be determined through a constant occurrence of cold, throat infection, allergic reaction, flu, low feeling, weight loss, weakness, fatigue, fungal infection, etc. immune system can be weakened due to various other reasons such as organ transplant, AIDS, cancer medications, and also due to other factors related to your lifestyle such as, unhealthy or unbalanced diet, stress, depression, inadequate sleep, etc. it may also include, skin infection, diarrhea, swelling of glands, recurring infection and illnesses, age, pregnancy and due to unhealthy childhood.
Types of immune system
There are majorly 3 types of immunity- innate, adaptive and passive.
1. Innate immunity is the one in which the person is born with it. The protection for such immunity is provided by skin and mucous membrane.
2. Adaptive immunity is cause when you are exposed to various infections and diseases. It can be protected through vaccination.
3. Passive immunity can controlled through breast-feeding; until the baby builds up its own immune system.
How to keep your immune system under control
A well maintained immune system can keep you in good health and in a happy lifestyle. Neither it is very easy nor very difficult to keep your immune system strong and healthy. There are numerous ways to boost your immune system and get it under control. Intake of adequate amount of vitamins and minerals can help you strengthen your immune system. A proportionate diet i.e. intake of right food in the right quantity, along with a regular exercise can also be beneficial for your immune system.
Working out things to strengthen you immune system can prove to be positive to your heath and for the overall well being of your lifestyle.