Important Tools Of Life – Eat, Sleep And Exercise

Leading a healthy and improved physical condition is not as difficult or as time consuming as it seems to be. By following some of these simple common sense tips that were thought to you during your young ages will can greatly enhance you physical and mental healthy by following them religiously. Pay special attention to 3 important tools of your life that are eating, sleeping and exercising habits and gain better health life.

Always Eat a Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast should include whole grains, low-fat-dairy, nutrient-rich fruits, low fat protein, fruits and vegetables. Breakfast will reduce the risk of causing obesity in bother young and adults; it plays a vital role in maintaining your body weight. Breakfast has a huge impact on our mood and frame of mind. Healthy breakfast can help you reduce the overall risk of diseases including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Eating breakfast will help you boost your concentration and productivity for the rest of the day. Fiber, vitamin C and calcium are the important nutrient that should be included to your breakfast.


Many people associate daily exercising and work-out routine improve their physical health. A daily exercise schedule can also enhance your mental health fitness and benefits. According to a research study it is said that, there is a strong association between exercise and enhanced mental health, mainly with respect to anxiety and depression. After achieving the desired body weight you can now plan your workout schedule to maintain your body weight. Each individual must follow the workout schedule at least for 30 minutes daily.

Have a good night Sleep

Sleep is important for maintaining different stages of sleep and for critical memory formation. When our body is tired, our neurons stop working optimally, and we are more likely to experience problem related to focusing. Obviously, an adequate amount of sleep is beneficial for or physical benefits as well. According to a research study it was found that people who take sleep for less than 5 hours daily are more likely to develop various heart diseases. Thus, daily 8 hours sleep is important for us. Therefore, follow these simple yet important health tips and gain tons of health benefits.

4 Effective mantra for life to be health and successful

Let’s be true to ourselves and admit that even though we are the most hard-working and responsible person on the earth; we often forget to take proper care of our body. Being responsible towards our loved ones and our job is just not enough it is equally important to be careful and aware about our health as well. Many a times we lack to understand, if we do not have a proper health then it will just become impossible for us to do all our work. It is essential for us to realize the importance of maintaining proper health in order to do all our daily courses efficiently.

Being part of the facebook generation we make sure to update our wallpaper status every hour; but can’t we take out 30 minutes for a daily workout? Now tell how me irresponsibly we are acting towards out health.

Wake up early and go for a walk

Waking up early is a very good routine that will surly bring in lots of healthiness for you. Getting up early and watching the sunrise is a wonderful sign of positivity to start your day. Once you wake up early you get enough time to complete your daily chores, and begin your work with a tension-free mind since you have ample of time to complete it.

Morning time is the best time to practice yoga, medication of any other physical exercising; this has plenty of benefits on your health. After completing all the morning chores you can now sit-down make a list of things-to-do list for today. Once you have planed your scheduled make sure that you do not make any changes into it, until and unless it is very important or else you will end up messing rest of your schedules as well, this will again be very stressful to handle. So let your day go as decided.

Eat, but healthy

Trust me, you will never be able to gain a better health by dieting or starving, by doing such things you are harming your health even more. You are recommended to eat 3-4 small diet in a day, rather than eating 2-3 heavy diets. This will improve your digestive system, so that it does not cause saturated fats in your body. Avoid eating junk, fattening foods, preserved, and processed food, they can be harmful. Include a variety of fresh seasonal as well as regional fruits and vegetable to your diet they will cause lots of benefits to your health. Try to eat homemade food or salads as much as possible rather than eating anything from the fast foods corner.

Take out time to relax

Even on your busiest day, if you feel you are exhausted and tired then, just take a 15-20 minute’s break and get out of your work, take a walk or just close your eyes, sit for a while and meditate to relax or lighten up yourself. Doing this you will be able to regenerate your energy.

Now just go to sleep

Finish your day early, to get enough sleep so that you can be active for the next day. While you are sleeping you are actually generating energy for yourself. Secondly, with such routine you will wake up early to see a better tomorrow.
I believe these 4 are some very simple but effective mantra for life to be health and successful.

Wakeup early- to walk

Eat-healthy to live-longer

Sometimes, take a break and just relax

Lastly, sleep like a baby