Kamagra – A Best Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

Kamagra is a wonderful generic medication and it is used to cure the erectile dysfunction problem to the core. This heart type shaped drug comes in blue color tablet. One can claim back the pleasure of love easily with the help of these small pills named Kamagra or Sildenafil Citrate. Everyone desires good sex life as it is important for healthy mind and overall well-being. The reason behind calling this medicine as sildenafil Citrate is that it contains Sildenafil Citrate as main active ingredient. This ingredient is also used in generic viagra medication and all other medications either jelly forms as well as tablets. Kamagra is a best online treatment of ED and a wonderful alternative of viagra, Levitra and all other ED treatment5 medications. The working of Kamagra is also same as other ED medicines.

The primary function of Kamagra is to improve the blood circulation to men penile area so that ED victim can get and maintain hard erections during the sexual act. Kamagra Tablets can be consumed orally however the jelly form of this medicine easily dissolved on the tongue. Kamagra is manufactured by popular pharmaceutical company named Ajanta Pharma. The drug is highly effective in dealing with male impotency. Kamagra is a super ED cure and approved by US FDA. The insufficient flow of the blood to penis is the main cause of having this illness. This medicine is available in various forms like tablets, jelly and soft tabs. Kamagra 100mg is the most preferred cure for ED and provides satisfactory results.

Kamagra pushes enough blood to penis and make it easy for ED victims to achieve or main erections hard enough for long lasting. This drug is smart choice by every ED affected men and they also have full faith in it. Doctors also trust on this medication and recommend it to their patients. Kamagra is a well known medication all over the world and completely safe for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. With the help of Kamagra men can cover their sexual embarrassment easily and enjoy their healthy sexual life again with full flow. Kamagra is available in 50mg and 100mg of tablets. Healthcare providers strongly recommend Kamagra 100mg at a time. Wait for 24 hours before taking another dose of Kamagra.

This medicine should be consumed by those men who are above the age of 20 and below the age of 65. Women and children can use this ED medication as it is only designed for men. This medicine can be used only by men. However Kamagra can be harmful to those who are suffering from heart problems, kidney and liver problems. An ED patient who has history of severe health problems eye disorders, stomach problems, kidney stones and many more cannot take this drug. In this case you have to take a valid prescription from your doctor and should discuss about your medical history. Men who are allergic to the compound that is used to make Kamagra medicine should stay away from this medicine. One can experience severe allergic reactions like skin rashes, itching, skin allergy and all other problems.

If you are taking drugs that contain nitrates then avoid Kamagra as togetherness of two chemical compounds i.e. Sildenafil Citrate and nitrate can cause various health troubles. These health troubles can be life threatening. Combination of these two compounds in your body can low your blood pressure sharply and one can experience heart attack, stroke and all other various types of health problems. Along with one can also experience painful and long lasting erections. If one can experience the erections more than four hours then immediately seek medical help. One can also experience the adverse effects of this medicine but these side effects only occur if you take this drug in high amount. The side effects of Kamagra 100mg are headache, diarrhea, back pain, nausea, dizziness, chest pain and many more. If someone experiences any kind of symptoms after consuming Kamagra then it is suggested to take medical help immediately. Don’t get serious about the side as they are temporary and disappear within four hours if not consult with your physician.

Do not chew or break the pill. Just swallow the whole pill with a glass of water at a time. 100mg is a prescribed dosage of Kamagra medication. Do not increase or decrease the dosage at your own. Keep Kamagra in a air tight container and also keep it away from direct sun light. Follow all the dosage instructions and important steps as it is necessary for safe and secure treatment.