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Kamagra oral jelly is a complete makeover adaptation of Kamagra. Its invention rests on the foundation of necessity shown by certain men. Best treatment for erectile dysfunction till date has been of pills and certainly they are best in all respects. However, men with swallowing issues and older men find pills little harder to ingest. Keeping their necessity in mind kamagra oral jelly was invented. Kamagra oral jelly is easier to take. It hardly takes seconds to get dissolved in the mouth. Unlike pills, it does not need to be taken with water. Directly the sachet can be taken. Kamagra oral jelly contains Sildenafil citrate as a powerful chemical. It has been proved innovational and a proper prescription medication for erectile dysfunction. The results can be expected within 20 minutes of the intake. Success rate of the drug is very high. This gel form medication comes in varied flavors to suit every man’s taste. Kamagra oral jelly is a generic drug with low cost making it affordable for all.

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QuantityStrengthPriceUnit PricePriceUnit PriceShipping
10 Sachets100mg535.3505
20 Sachets100mg874.35814.05
30 Sachets100mg1153.831053.5
40 Sachets100mg1383.451243.1
50 Sachets100mg1703.41583.16
60 Sachets100mg1953.251762.93
100 Sachets100mg2852.712572.44
125 Sachets + 10 Free Sachets100mg3202.462882.22
150 Sachets + 15 Free Sachets100mg3652.213302
170 Sachets + 20 Free Sachets100mg4002.13401.78

Viagra Oral Jelly Working

Men turn a loss at holding back erections due to inadequate blood supply to the phallus on stimulation. Caboodle of blood flow is required during intercourse for attaining lasting and harder erections. The blood flow to the penis is obstructed by PDE5 enzyme in men attacked by impotence. Kamagra oral jelly is taken to curb erectile dysfunction as it is PDE5 inhibitor. This drug annuls the effect of PDE5 enzyme and implants its substitute in the body called cGMP enzyme. Release of nitric oxide by the drug causes arteries and blood vessels of penis to widen and cGMP pushes blood towards penis area. These supporting elements released by kamagra oral jelly causes harder erection in men and make them absolutely fertile. Men can retain hardening for about 4 to 5 hours. At last, the important thing to keep in mind here is the drug works on stimulation all alone. Do not expect results in the absence of arousal.


Kamagra oral jelly is at its best when taken on medical advice. Consult doctor and get to know about the right dosage for you. Doctors largely suggest 100mg dose to men as it is most effective of all. Later, dose can be modified on requirement. Adhering to the suggested dose is important for expected results. Straight off empty the sachet in the mouth and let it liquefy. Water is not needed in its case. Never take two doses in a one single day as overdose can give health unwanted results. Maintain a time difference of 24 hours between two doses for sure. The drug is good to be ingested on empty stomach. Avoid oily and heavy foods. Kamagra oral jelly should be taken 30 to 40 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Also, do not undervalue foreplay. Foreplay is most important for the drug to eradicate erectile dysfunction. Kamagra oral jelly is a potent medication to decimate ED. The main need is to take the dose in the right manner.

Side Effects

Kamagra oral jelly consumption may be not taken well by the body in first few instances. As a result side effects may upshot, but simpler ones. Common side effects of the drug are- headache, blurry sight, hypertension, facial flushing, nausea, runny nose, dizziness, etc. No need to see doctor for these side effects. In 3 to 4 hours these symptoms vanish away.
In rare cases, some serious side effects may also appear. You have to be extra careful and on their occurrence need to rush to the infirmary. Life threatening symptoms are- heart attack, cardiovascular disease, hearing loss, vision loss, fast heartbeat, long and sore erections etc.


  • The drug in entirety dedicated to the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Trying for other disorders and disease can simply result in hazards.
    • Women and children should avoid it. It is not for them.
    • Never alter the suggested dose. Stick to it under any circumstances.
    • Men showing allergy to Sildenafil citrate or to any other component of the drug need to stay away from kamagra oral jelly for safety causes.
    • Seeking doctor’s approval becomes important if above 55 years or suffering from any underlying health problem.
    • If you are underage, i.e. under 18 years, then the drug intake may cause harm to your health. It is better to take it with total safety.
    • If taking any recreational drug, it is highly important to inform your physician about the same.
    • Handling any machinery is to be avoided as the drug is known to cause dizziness on intake.
    • Expired drug need to be disposed off carefully under proper medical guidelines.


  • Alcohol and kamagra oral jelly make a dangerous pair. Never drink if planning to take the drug.
    • Taking grapefruit with the drug is equally dangerous. Avoid it
    • Nitrates at once react with the drug and cause huge loss to health. Therefore, it is better to avoid taking them with the drug.
    • If suffering from penile deformities, suggestion is to avoid kamagra oral jelly.
    • Regular intake of the drug makes you dependable on it, which is not good for health. So, take it in intervals only.