Show the exit door to erectile dysfunction with just one pill of kamagra. Kamagra is consumed orally with water and starts working within 30 minutes of the intake. This drug is a concrete solution to impotence loaded with faith of millions of healthcare providers. Erectile dysfunction occurrence revolves all around feeble blood flow to the penile region. Kamagra intake once again propels blood to flow to the men’s reproductive organ area so as to help them in gaining erections. Men would surely retrieve erections after the use of the drug. Kamagra is chiefly made of Sildenafil citrate. In clinical trials it has shown amazing results on ED men.

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Working of Kamagra pills

The male organ of copulation wakes up for intercourse when sufficient blood goes to its area on stimulation. However, erectile dysfunction is a condition when the blood flow is hampered by an enzyme called PDE5. This enzyme does not let blood to go to the penis on stimulation, due to which men are unable to get erection and fail on competing intercourse. Kamagra drug goes to the penile area and when men arouse, this drug hampers PDE5 from stopping blood flow. Kamagra releases an enzyme cGMP which helps blood to reach penis and aids erection in men. Stimulation is the key to the working of kamagra. Without arousal the drug is inutile.
Kamagra releases cGMP enzyme and nitric oxide in the penile area that helps in the dilation of penis arteries and relaxes penis muscles. Blood easily flows in when penile muscles are relaxed and penis is able to get harder erection. Men experience stiffness for up to 4 to 5 hours. This amount of time is ample to enjoy the sexual activity to the fullest. Men need to keep calm for around 30 to 45 minutes after taking kamagra, as the drug takes little time to start working.


Kamagra comes in the form of tablets. Physicians indicate one pill for a day. The dose can be increased or decreased, but it is mandatory to stick to one pill a day. The starting dose of kamagra is usually 50mg, later in can be modified to 100mg also. Kamagra pill is to be taken approximately one hour before the sexual activity for the drug to get its time to deliver results properly. Also keep in mind to take the drug on an empty stomach. The drug loses on efficiency if the stomach is full. Swallowing with water is best as water easily and quickly dissolves the pill. Overdose is harmful, so take the pill as suggested. Patients under the age of 18 are not eligible for taking kamagra drug. Similarly, men above 55 years need to be cautious and should compulsorily seek medical advice before the drug intake.

Side Effects

In case of kamagra side effects may be followed by the drug intake. But, the fallouts are only for a while. They automatically go away on their own. Common unwanted outcomes of kamagra are- headache, diarrhea, facial flushing, changes in vision, dizziness, indigestion, and runny nose. You need to have a word with your doctor for more details on common side effects of the drug. However, it is suggested to see your doctor if the fallouts lasts longer than conceived of.
Some serious adverse effects are also associated with kamagra. Heart attack, chest pain, prolonged erection, vision loss, hearing loss and so on are some of them. You need to at once take medical aid.


Kamagra can be a bad option for men suffering with erectile dysfunction in the following conditions:
• If men are allergic to the active substance of kamagra i.e. Sildenafil citrate.
• If men already a patient of heart diseases.
• If men are already on nitrates uptake. Men need to avoid the drug if taking nitrates in whichever form. Nitrates and kamagra together are very dangerous for health.
• Men with liver problems also need to avoid the drug intake.
• Patients with genital abnormalities are also unfit for kamagra.
• The drug makes men dizzy after the intake; hence activities like driving and operating any other machinery need to be kept aside for once.


  • Kamagra is only for adult men above 18 years. If consumed by underage can cause hazard to their health. Likewise, women and children are also required to stay away from the drug.
    • Combining alcohol and kamagra together is also injurious. Never drink before or after the intake of the drug.
    • Grapefruit cause quick interaction with the drug and the results are health problems. Hence, it is better to avoid it.
    • If experience any serious side effects, immediately take medical aid.