Levitra: Erectile Dysfunction is no longer the worry

Generic Levitra is a pill for the treatment of the sex related problem commonly known as erectile dysfunction and also male impotency. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual problem due to which the male reproductive organ does not achieve the hardness during the sexual intercourse even when there is enough arousal. Also, there are some men who get the erection but are not able to maintain it through the intercourse period. While erectile dysfunction is a physical problem but its consequences are manifested in physical disorders as well. This is why it is imperative to treat this problem so that men can enjoy the sexual pleasures like before. This is where Generic Levitra comes into picture.

The flaccidity or lack of erection is caused when the male genital region does not receive enough supply of blood. In normal men, at the time of the sexual arousal the blood circulation to the penile area increases because the veins and arteries are dilated. But with men suffering from ED the blood vessels are not widened enough preventing the proper flow of blood. This problem is caused by the PDE-5 enzyme. But by consuming Generic Levitra the men are able to increase the flow of blood to the penile region.

The most important component of Generic Levitra is Vardenafil. This is the element which inhibits PDE-5 and thus reinstates the blood supply to the reproductive organ of men. Generic Levitra is the same as Viagra in the effect but it uses a Vardenafil as the primary component as opposed to Sildenafil Citrate. But the good thing is that it is much cheaper in comparison. It has proven to be effective in more than 95% of the cases.

Because of the erectile dysfunction problem men seem to lose their confidence. It also causes tension between the partners. Lack of enjoyable sexual life is one of the main reasons of frustration and depression. However, with Generic Levitra all of this can go away.

The working of Generic Levitra is rather simple. Here is a quick look at it:

First of all, we need to understand that in order to get the proper penile erection, there has to be ample supply of blood to the male reproductive organ. Those who are suffering from this sexual problem do not get the enough blood supply and thus they are not able to get the stiffness.

  • PDE-5 is the enzyme which is the primary offender in blocking the supply of blood to the genital area. The excessive release of this enzyme blocks the working of cGMP.
  • Cyclic GMP or in short cGMP is also an enzyme. When the males are sexually aroused cGMP starts working with nitric oxide deposits. They together make sure that the muscles of the male reproductive organ are relaxed. When the muscles are in the relaxing mode the blood vessels tend to dilate automatically. So, the widening of the arteries and veins allows more blood to flow through the male reproductive organ. This is exactly how the men are able to get the hardness of the genitals.
  • As already said, PDE-5 hinders the normal function of cGMP and thus blood flow is reduced. This is why men experience ED.
  • Generic Levitra has Vardenafil as the major component. Vardenafil is a very popular component known for its PDE-5 inhibiting properties.
  • Vardenafil stops the normal functioning of PDE-5 and thus enhances the blood flow to the genital region. This is how it is able to help men get the erection.

Dose details

  • The normal dose of Generic Levitra is the pill of 100 mg. This is the dose which is recommended by the doctors to the men with the average health and age no more than 50 years.
  • It is best to consume this medicine with water as its components are very soluble in it allowing the medicine to become speedily effective.
  • You may or may not consume Generic Levitra with food. However, avoid eating any fatty food with it as it may reduce the effects. Alcohol must also be avoided with it as it may cause some health problems.
  • Consume the pill at least 40 minutes before the time of sexual activity. This will allow the medicine to mix with the bloodstream completely and show its full effects.
  • There is no need to be on the regular dose of this medicine. It is a need basis medicine. If you are not planning on any sexual activity do not consume Generic Levitra.
  • There should be a gap of at least one full day (24 hours) between the consumption of two pills of 100 mg.


Men must be wary of the following before consuming Generic Levitra:

  • Men older than 50 years should speak to their doctor first before starting the dose of the medicine.
  • Generic Levitra must not be overdosed lest it cause any serious health issues. Always consult the doctor in case you feel the need for higher dose.
  • Men with known heart, liver, or renal medical condition must avoid taking Generic Levitra.
  • The components of this medicine interact with the components of other medicines. Hence, those who are on regular medicinal dose must speak to the doctor first before starting the Generic Levitra dose.
  • Any food item that contains nitrate must not be taken anytime around the consumption of this medicine. This is why grapefruit must strictly be avoided.
  • Do not consume this medicine with alcohol or fatty food. They make the medicine less effective.

Side Effects

These are the very common side effects of Generic Levitra. They are usually mild and do not last for a very long time. Those who are experiencing these side effects in worse forms must consult their doctor without delay. Here are the side effects:

  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Breathlessness
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach upset