Make your sleep comfortable during pregnancy

Being pregnant women, is a pleasant and happiest moment for her life. During pregnancy a female had to go through with unusual discomforts like exhaustion, fatigue, sleeping disorders or vomiting etc. These complications are natural because changes in hormones occur during this time period of pregnancy.

However, a belly starts growing it is a discomfort position for each lady as body weight increases and other complications are also there. In this time, you must need a good sleep. A comfortable position is must for you to sleep without any harm. Try to choose a perfect and comfortable position for the smooth sleep. Pregnancy needs more care and concern not only for health basis but also for the baby especially when you are in a sleep as while sleeping you may not know in which position you were; which is not good.

Sleeping disorders and pregnancy are strongly connected. During first trimester (A period of first three months) because of fatigue and exhaustion you may barely open your eyes whole night. During last trimester as your belly grows becomes heavier, you find difficult to catch a wink at night or may wake up many a times just to go for bathroom.

Now your old habits of sleeping is not at all beneficial; sleeping on your stomach is the most risky position of sleeping for which you must be careful and try to find more comfortable position except this. Now question is –

which side is best to sleep?

While you are pregnant the best way to sleep is on your side, the left side is more preferable. Left side provides you maximum support and comfort too. Other offers by the left side position sleep helps you to adequate supply of blood and oxygen in body; it put minimum pressure on baby and the internal body as well. But while you are in a smooth sleep it is difficult to maintain the left side sleep; so make sure that maximum time you must sleep on your left side. It you are not able to make yourself sleep only on left side than you can change your side to right for few minutes. Right side is not harmful as well.

You can also apply pillow technique to make yourself feel comfortable while sleeping. You can use pillow as a props just to support your belly and position of the body. Place a thin pillow under your stomach, between your legs; you can also keep it under your breast for more comfort and support. Now there are full body pregnancies pillows are there which packs your position and provides more comfort. It adjusts and support the pregnancy contours very effectively. It will reduce the pain on your back as it supports back very well, the pain in feet will also gets minimized, prevents swelling of ankles and feet too. It may take more space of your bed but also provide support and comfort.

Secondly, questions arises that which side is to avoid while sleeping?

Going on bed you must be careful about your sleeping position when you are pregnant. There are some positions that you must avoid is the position on your stomach and on back. It is quite obvious that why you must avoid the position of sleeping on your stomach. But sleeping on your back is also harmful and its disadvantages are first heavy uterus puts all the pressure on the spine and major artery at the back. It can also reduce the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrition; also may harm the intestine and other organs by the heavy pressure. This position can also give a serious backache or may swell your feet. If you want to change your position just to relax yourself, then you roll your body on your back just for few minutes then again back to your position. Sleeping for few minutes on your back can be acceptable but not for long time. Sleeping positions are natural and somehow you cannot look out it for whole night about the positions but still try to avoid these positions of sleeping.

Just to watch their sleeping position many times ladies become paranoid about the sleeping positions and they wake after few minutes just to check. A smooth and adequate amount of sleep makes your pregnancy more comfortable. When baby arrives you must sleep with the baby but this time is now to sleep properly. Try to be more comfortable as proper sleep reduces many complications. So make most sleep on these months this is a right time to have a proper sleep. As proper mom’s sleep makes the baby more comfortable and relax.