Manhood and Virility Restored Like Never Before with Zenegra

Zenegra is a generic medicine that is very well known for treating the sexual disorders in men called Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Male impotency is another name which is being given to ED. The men who are known to have ED issue are not able to get the substantial stiffness of the reproductive organ. Due to the lack of the hardness they are either not able to have the sexual intercourse at all or when they do it, it is not satisfactory. By consuming the Zenegra pill they can restore the ability to have the fulfilling sexual intercourse as this medicine helps in treating the erectile dysfunction problem.

Zenegra is all like the popular counterpart Viagra. Although Zenegra is as effective as Viagra, it is much cheaper in comparison. This makes this medicine all the more popular.  Just like Viagra, this medicine also has the major component of Sildenafil Citrate. This is the component which is very effective in treating the male impotency as it suppresses the functioning of the PDE-5 enzyme. This enzyme is the primary reason why men are not able to achieve the desired hardness in the penile region.

Although ED is a physical problem it culminates into many psychological problems. In fact, it is known to have very grave effect on the quality of the life of the partners. When men are not able to get the hardness of the reproductive organ they are not able to have the enjoyable sex. When the sexual life is not fulfilling the tensions arise between the partners. Due to the tension the frustration starts to grow which can lead to more severe issues such as anxiety and depression. Relationships have also ended because of the incapability to give the sexual pleasures to the partner. But men have a reason to forget all their worries as they now have the Zenegra pills.

Zenegra is a palliative medicine and should not be considered as a permanent cure to male impotency. Nonetheless, it is still very effective. Also, it has been approved by FDA. So, men around the globe are confident about its safety. Men can now enjoy the incredible sexual life again.


Many wonder how Zenegra works so effectively. Here is a quick look at the working mechanism:

There is an enzyme that functions around the male genital region and it is called PDE-5. In the normal men who are able to get proper penile erection, this enzyme remains suppressed. However, in the men who are experiencing ED problem this enzyme becomes more active. The release of the enzyme increase due to which the men are not able to achieve the genital hardness.

  • We must know how PDE-5 causes the ED problem. cGMP or cyclic GMP is another enzyme in our body. cGMP is the enzyme that combines with nitric oxide or NO and makes sure that the genital muscles are well relaxed. When the muscles are in the relaxed condition they allow the veins and arteries (blood vessels) to dilate. As these vessels widen the blood flow to the genital area increases. The increased flow is the reason why men are able to experience penile erection in the event of sexual arousal.
  • PDE-5 enzyme suppresses the working of cGMp and hence blood supply to reproductive organ is reduced. This is why the penile area becomes flaccid and men are not able to have sexual intercourse.
  • Zenegra contains Sildenfail Citrate. This is the component which makes sure that PDE-5 is subdued and cGMP and NO work properly together. This is the reason why Sildenafil Citrate is also called PDE-5 inhibitor.
  • So, this is how the Zenegra helps men restore their manhood so effectively.


Zenegra is available to be purchased in the 100mg pill/tablet. This is the dose which is typically recommended by the physicians.

  • This medicine must not be broken, grounded, or crushed. It is supposed to be taken whole.
  • Sildenafil Citrate mixes really well with water. So, consuming Zenegra with water gives quick results.
  • Men must consume this medicine 50-60 minutes before getting involved into the sexual activity. By this time Zenegra is fully functional in the body.
  • No more than 1 dose of 100 mg should be taken within 24 hours. In case you think the dosage needs to be increased consult the doctor.
  • Zenegra must be taken on the need basis only. If you are not planning on sexual intercourse there is no need to take the medicine.


  • Only the men who are suffering from ED issue should consume Zenegra. Women and children should never consume it at all.
  • There are certain medical conditions as well as medicines with which Zenegra does not go well. So, speak to your doctor before starting the dose of this medicine.
  • This medicine is not supposed to be taken with any other medicine that has PDE-5 inhibitor in it. It causes the side effects to get worse.
  • Do not consume Zenegra with alcohol or fatty food as they might cause some health problems. Also, they tend to make the medicine less effective.
  • Activities like driving and operating heavy machineries must be avoided after consuming this medicine. It can cause blurred vision and dizziness and thus focussing may become difficult.
  • Any food item that contains nitrate must never be consumed if you are planning to have Zenegra. It can cause some serious health related complications. Also, grapefruit needs to be avoided for the very same reason.
  • Never overdose the medicine. If you feel that it is not effective speak to your doctor first.